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I still feel heavy. I am getting mixed signals from my friend. She hates me but she talks to me, so go figure her psycosis. *eyeroll*mom went all buggy too. So i'm like "ok really?". I apparently forgot to go to work yesterday. Yep. I did. Litterally, I woke up and went to help move, and i saw jerry later and he said "how come you didn't come to work today?" I was all what? and he said that i said i would trade days so that i could help mama d move. I thought about it for a sec. and sure…


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A new life.

I have two songs in my head after writing that. "a new life" from jekyll and hyde. and "the show must go on" queen. wierd. I am sort or getting sleepy. I might eat some of my dinner that has now gotten cold. I have a full day again tomorrow, and I don't need to be getting sick or anything. ;D I just missed amber, and I missed liz earlier. ugh, that's frustrating. I was too busy crying. XD I stoped now, after two and half hours. XD You would cry too if you hurt this much. I'm feeling a little…


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I think I am in serious need of some love.

I was having the most wonderful time this afternoon. I got to talk to my favorite person, and a few of my other friends. I even met a woman named Athena, she's part of the volturi. She was very very nice. :D So i was so excited about that. I laughed so hard that I nearly passed out, which is something because I have never done that before. *laughs*pass out i mean. I am sick to my stomach now. I need to eat, but i can't I need to rest but I can't, and now I have yet another ultamatum. I am…


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Enough, is enough.

I have decided that I am tired of being told how unimportant and such that I am. I was not happy when i came into the studio, so she knew I was upset with her. I'm just a little tired of being told i don't do anything, when I don't get payed except for going to classes they say i don't come to anyway. *eyeroll* In the long run they are not important. *winks* As to my best friend being the way she is, she really needs to take a chill pill. So I was upset wed. flipping duh! I got into serious…


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I didn't sleep again, this time it was because I was messing around with my page and playing with music, so five minutes turned into two hours. And before I knew it, "why am I tired?" was asked, and then I looked at the clock. *laughs*oh yeah. *laughs* When I get on a project I somtimes forget that unfortunatly I need to sleep. XD At least I'm not haveing bad dreams. *shudders* I went back over to help mama Dian with the move. We got alot done and I am headed back tomorrow morning to help…


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Today is a new day. :D I have a sour tummy from yesterday's trip to the movies. *laughs*I put too much salt, and I like a bit of salt, but salt does not care. XD It's no big, nothing a pepsi and lots of water won't cure. I guess haveing somthing on your stomach before you eat a bunch of popcorn. lol.

Well, I apparently have a fan. *smiles*That's most interesting. *smiles*I think I like it. *laughs* Crap! I gotta jet, I promised to be there and help out today. Oi, I am so…


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Funny sort of day....

*sigh*well, what can i say. Still not sure on that yet. I had a nice cry, had too. That's the odd thing about me I suppose is that I will laugh when you laugh, and cry when you cry. Fall down to make you smile. >.< i just bit my tounge! *tears.*litterally, i sneezed and chomp. T.T that was most unplesant. *laughs* anyway, it's funny. Because just when i think no one is listening...bam....a voice. I know and acknowledge that I am just a whispering voice in a crowded room. It's just…


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It would be nice to go a day, with out my foot in my mouth. *smacks head.* Geez, this being yourself stuff is very hard. I am one with the blunt, *weak laugh* and that gets translated waaaaay wrong sometimes. *sigh* And i hit one more outta the park. *laughs*oh well, what can you do.

Got the most interesting thing in my mail box. It didn't come from a group that I can see, and yes i did actually look several times. It came from *pause*an unusual source. I thought this person…


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And the oscar goes to.....

Whooo weee! ask for excitment and ye shall full. *laughs*So, haveing a better day today. Same cannot be said for others. heh. XD MC was .;.........interesting. The pc's i was having were flipping AWSOME!!! XD I got to talk to three of my favorite ppl. One of whom is one of two special one's. *big grin*I am sooooo bouncy right now. *sigh* I could just run i am soooo hyper. *laughs* but alas, my body is crying for sleep. I most assuradly will sleep very well tonight. *smiles*…


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ok, those responsable for the earlier blogs have been sacked. and further more, those responsible for sacking the ones previously sacked have now been sacked. ;p. *laughs*omg! *infectious giggles*

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ackward.(<--yes did mean this)

well, good job. batting a thousand today. village idiot strikes one more out of the park. XD and the crowd goes wild! *blushes.*sorry. still getting my sea legs. Will do better next time promise. Still learning it's ok to relax here. heh.... well...tomorrow is a new day, so hopefully it will be better? *smirk* it's ok to post this, b/c no one reads them. *laughs*type type typety type. board now.

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on with the show.

My heart is heavy today. I relived events that shattered me, but it is alright. I have the unfortunate curse of love. But is it really a curse? I burn with intense passion for everything, and sometimes even fire gets burned. I feel myself cracking again, and it's everything I can do to hold it together. I love the smiling faces of my studio kids, and the loveing kisses of my own four legged children. I love to see the happy faces of the people that enjoy me here. It is welcoming here. I've…


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My work.

I'm so happy. I figured out how to put pictures up. :D *bounces* So the album marked my work, is a sample of what I do for a living. well, one of two. lol. I hope everyone likes it. I am extremly proud of the plate. I cried out of frustration and pain for that thing. It was hard to construct, but the best part was the look on the director's face, and the actor wearing it. It was worth the lack of sleep and messed up fingers, lol, just to see that. I fell asleep on that thing a couple of…


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*laughs*Well, that was fun. Here I was having a rough day and I come here, and there's my friend. *smiles* and I made some more friends out of it. Very glad I stayed now. :D And I am learning. ;D

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Heh. XD I guess I kind of screwed up the application. *totally embarassed.*I sent it and just found out yesterday what exactly it was for. XD I just wanted to play, but I am really making a mess of things. Kind of super embarassed right now. Chat was really quiet. I am feeling like the kid with the third eye that everyone is afraid to comment on, but you know it's there. XD

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Interesting day today. lol. *anime falls*I uploaded a pic. only the second photo in cyberspace of just me. XP I look really icky. oh well, lol. Take me as I am, b/c I take you as you are. ;D There is no such thing as surface beauty, at least not with my eyes. lol. at any rate. I'm off to sleep so I will be somewhat able to do my job tomorrow. XD I hope everyone's day went well. ;D

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not so fun.

ok. sorry i didn't meant to cause a fight. I should just learn to not say anything. I was just trying to have some fun that's what it said to do. So big huge enormous appologies! I promise to not say anything anymore. I didn't know it would be such a big deal. I didn't think I did anything wrong. sorry to all offended.

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I am having fun at the main house with my new friends. lol. I just blanked on what I was going to say. lol. I think I lost my playmate. XD She might've gotten distracted. No worries. :D I wonder too. Common joke: "Hey, look shiney!" Me:"where?!" It's the raven totem in me. lol. So maybe she's corvous too and has found a shiney.

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I think I can. XD

It's akward being the new kid on the block. The good news is everyone is very friendly. ;D I am getting the hang of this one step at a time. lol. XD

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curious. ;D

Hmmm.....bear with me. I am trying to get a feel of the site without being a bother. XD I really don't like that. Soooooo lol let's see what this button does. ;D

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