I have decided that I am tired of being told how unimportant and such that I am. I was not happy when i came into the studio, so she knew I was upset with her. I'm just a little tired of being told i don't do anything, when I don't get payed except for going to classes they say i don't come to anyway. *eyeroll* In the long run they are not important. *winks* As to my best friend being the way she is, she really needs to take a chill pill. So I was upset wed. flipping duh! I got into serious trouble for somthing that i didn't even do, and I wasn't even there to do. Now it's "well i'm sick so i'm not returning your phone calls. by the way, you have to get a new phone plan by the 18th." So sorry little sis I won't be able to be there for your twelveth birthday b/c my best friend is a mean person. Oh, and yeah, kinda hope nothing happens at home b//c we don't have a land line and live in the middle of nowhere. So, whoo hoo, no one will hear my screams if i get murdered or injured. I'm more worried about the animals though. It's just me, and to be honest, i reallly don't care too much about me. I know that's awful, blah blah blah. But i don't really have a reason to care. *sigh.*I know that my friend is sick, but most of it is in her head, and she won't listen to me. "what do you know you're not a doctor." funny but the things i tell her is what the doctor tells her. I may not know alot, but i have been around this stuff my whole life. I used to get very sick alot as a kid, now i never get sick except every five years and i'm down. As long as i don't get a feaver, i'm good. As i've said, I really really don't like ice baths. She gets upset over the stupidest crap. and now i'm sure i'm not being spoken to because of the phone bill. -_-' enough is enough. Isn't there anyone that once in a great while wonders how I am doing? or worries about me if i'm sick or hurting? She was very cruel to me when i needed someone to just be there. Ugh, sorry, whineing again, i know. I just needed to vent a bit. *smiles*Since this is my sanctuary, i thought it fitting. *winks.*I'm tired of crying tears people could give a care about.

So, I got to hang out with Karen and Dylan. that was fun! I'm going back there tomorrow to help finish up what I can. I over slept again. XD I really have to quit that! LOL so I run out of the house load the car, and am turning to lock the door when I hear .....a rooster. I paused, giving the house next door a confused look. Because you can't see thier yard. So, I'm still not really awake yet and then there was a goat. What can you do but laugh at that. I just stood there and laughed, b/c it was very random. I'm not used to those sounds anymore. Haven't heard them since Kauai. So, it woke me up a bit more, because i'm thinking "Am I still sleeping?" And nope. So I think i will look up roosters. lol. It's all, "good morning! Have a great day!" and the goat seconded it. I laughed all they way to mama D's. I helped load the plants on the truck. I think i'm the only one that didn't get attacked by the cactus. *laughs*I've fallen into enough of them, to know how to pick 'em up. I did get attacked by the aloe and the bogenvilla's. *laughs*good times. They really should have when flora attacks......*bursts out laughing.*I totally just pictured the fairy from sleeping beauty going postal. I feel bad for her she never gets the love. I think I want to make the sleeping beauty dress in green. It would be like her saying "shut up, it's green, there." lol. and i'm rambling again. *sigh.*what will we do with me. As i've said, just send some love and a hello my way and I am right as rain. *winks* anywhoot this is really long so i am out. *winks*

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