I just had a thought. lol. when do i not? It's kind of funny these things happened durning the week of indipendance day. I have found my indipendance. I had the best weekend ever! So, there was one hicup, but Kestrel and I fixed it. ;D She lost her phone chaseing my dog, that I knew would come back, and yeah..let's just say the desert is unforgiving. lol. We stayed at the loveliest hotel. We went to the bar the first night. she got drunk, I did not. I had two, she had a few more. lol. I didn't get my arm back for awhile. The beds were comfy! :D I want to stay there again. ;D the bathroom was huge! XD I couldn't believe it, it was like a small room. lol. Niether of us played the slots while were there, no big. I can go anytime. lol. I'm not much for gambling. I get board too fast. We saw Eclipse and Last Air Bender. omg! wonderful movies. There was sooooooooo much Cullen action. It was nice to hear Jasper talk. I almost cried when he was talking about his story, (I did with rose). I thought of his blog about Maria while he told his story. The fight scenes were awsome. Alice was cool! o.o. I'm glad the wolf's and the vampyres found common ground at the end. I was very sad that the Volt killed that girl. I haven't gotten to all of that in the book yet. I have to hurry and finish. The tent scene with Jake and Ed was hillarious. It reminded me of the hug at the end of step brothers. LOL. Robert and I do that really well. I love my bro. We saw Last Air Bender with kestrel. Afterwards we went to the fountain and rob and i sparred and wrestled while Kestrel watched. She's our Karate kid. ;D so, naturally we showed off. ;D good times. :D My little bro isn't so little. lol. I am posting a pic of him tonight. ;D So, that was really fun! Then sunday went to mama Dian's. Had a blast. Kestrel and I got presants from Dillan. I got a little rubber devil duck. It was special to him, b/c it was on his b-day cake. She got a tour pass from a band. lol. they were important gifts from the heart. ;D those are my favorite kind. ;D I got hired at the hospital last week. lol. I went in for the interview at 11AM, applied and sent resume at 1:30, and was hired at 2pm the same day. lol. I'm starting out in housekeeping. XD but it's alright. :D potental doc's got to start somewhere. lol. Plus i'm helping. I like to help. ;D oh man. i'm beat. lol. I totally just blanked out. lol. I'm going to go to bed now. :D I hope everyone sleeps well. :D *Hugs* Nite!

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