Wow. Oh my god wow! :D It was the best time ever! The mazes were to die for. lol. no pun intended. We rode a couple of rides and that was cool. I am still traumatized by the corn maze. lol. The london maze was great! It was based on Jack the ripper and Frankenstein. My sister was giving me the gory history on the ripper. XP I took lot's of pics with the monsters. :D My hat was the bell of the ball. ;D It was a classic men's bell topper around which I tied a thick black satin ribbon with jolly rogesr on it. ;D I put it on the head of one of the monsters. He was a kind monster in the labrynth maze. He was sweet. :D I actually got scared. Not somthing that happens offten. lol. It was great. Justin Beiber got hanged and Edward was there. lol. He was awsome! XD They got him though. XD It's alright because it was just fake. He was last years hanging victim apparantly.

Law man:Didn't we hang you last year?

Edward:I'm a vampire, you can't hang me.

*gets staked.*

I do have to say Katie Perry will never be the same again. LOL. I will forever see her dancing with zombies. "Elmo says Hi." LOL. Funny stuff. We stayed till closeing. Our feet hurt, and we were tired. I collapsed on the bed and passed out. My sister is all " are you going to sleep in your clothes?" I said maybe. I managed to drag myself up and change. LOL. My stupid boss had me work the next day or I would've had even more fun. ;D I told Her I wished we were vampires so we could've stayed up all night. lol. Oh! The slaugter house was awsome! Still freaked about that one. lol. I got to meet up with some friends and my cousin! :D I was happy to see my cousin. If you know who H.P. Lovecraft is, that is my cousin. Well, he looks exactly like him. lol. It's weierd. We had a blast. :D I can't wait for next year. I bought the shirts from previous years as well as one for this year. :D I was happy to have money to spend there. :D I guess those doubles did pay off. :D It was hard but worth it. :D


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