I'm so happy. I figured out how to put pictures up. :D *bounces* So the album marked my work, is a sample of what I do for a living. well, one of two. lol. I hope everyone likes it. I am extremly proud of the plate. I cried out of frustration and pain for that thing. It was hard to construct, but the best part was the look on the director's face, and the actor wearing it. It was worth the lack of sleep and messed up fingers, lol, just to see that. I fell asleep on that thing a couple of times. lol. I hope to post the whole thing sometime. I know the centapied is nothing to look at but it is my first and i am still proud of it. lol. I do alot of mending and putting together of things. I love a challange, so if there is anything anyone would like to see put together i would be more then happy to toss it out there. ;D We just costumed Hello dolly for one of the high schools, and sadly i will not be able to go. work. *pouts.* I also made my first belly dance costume and hope to find and put that up soon. It was the very first construct of mine. ;D I love my job. There are times where it gets stressful, but it's worth it. We just had three major productions due in three weeks; in other words all at the same time. lol. Halloween. *shudder twitch.*yeah. that's just the begining. I also do entertainment. I have been the easter bunny for eight years now. I was the queen of hearts this year, so that was fun. It does get hot in those over heads so please if you are going to wear one, stay hydrated, and eat. Yes, I am a professional clown. lol. oh the irony.

I am also a singer. I sing classical mostly, though I have been known to rock out from time to time. lol. One of my signature songs is "mine heir marquis" from der fledermaus. I also sing "the willow's song" from the ballad of baby doe. *blush*that ones one of my favorites. We had a teacher from auburn come down and teach a master class that i was selected to do, and I sang that for him. I made him cry. It is one of my best memories. XD It was a good thing. it ment i sang it right. He doesn't do that offten. lol. I hope to put some of my stuff on youtube soon. I'm told that's a great start. besides, somthing's got to get me through med school. lol.

In addition to all of that, I am a medical assitant. I recently got into home health. -_-' nightmare, nuff said. but it's worth it to see them smile. :D

and here i go rambling again, about stuff i'm sure no one really wants to hear. XD sorry. But if you've gottne this far, you are to be comended. ;D I didn't get the name ramblin rose for no reason. At any rate, hope you enjoyed this. :D

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