I have two songs in my head after writing that. "a new life" from jekyll and hyde. and "the show must go on" queen. wierd. I am sort or getting sleepy. I might eat some of my dinner that has now gotten cold. I have a full day again tomorrow, and I don't need to be getting sick or anything. ;D I just missed amber, and I missed liz earlier. ugh, that's frustrating. I was too busy crying. XD I stoped now, after two and half hours. XD You would cry too if you hurt this much. I'm feeling a little better, I think. I know after I talk with my mama karen and my big brother I will be right as rain. The sky is so amazing tonight. The moon is like a swollen pearl hanging by a thread. There is a massive sheer halo encircling it. And It's light is pouring all over the mountains like liquid silver. The clouds that are moving in are moving in like tuffts of down, and look like baby fine lambs wool spread all about. And when the moon light is dripping off of them, they look a silvery blue. The stars are fighting with the moon for space in the heavens, but it's absolute beauty is bursting everywhere. I wish taking a picture of it could do it justice.

I have decided. I am going to take the doctor's advice. I'm not going to worry about the mean people, because there are a small handful that don't think like that. If only he knew how relevant his words would be later. *laughs*I owe him a big I told you so. I'm sleepy. I am not sure if I want to tell mama karen or big brother about what my so called friend said, because.....they would be pretty mad. My baby bro wants to punch her, but I told him not to do that, because it wouldn't solve anything, and belive me this is comeing from a scraper. I don't like to mean fight if I don't have to. Sparing is fun though. Karen and big brother (dylan) are very dear friends of mine. Karen is Dian's lady friend. Dian. If you want to know Dian, just think of Essme. Those two are clones in personality. She has so many of us that she takes care of. We call her mom. *laughs*and then when Karen is there too, they both look. lol. It's funny. I think tomrrow I will post some of the fun stuff that happened. If you read the previous post, then I'm sorry you had to suffer through it. XD I am hurting and just needed a place to hide and regroup. I'm tired of the fighting, and the yelling. Not a fan of yelling, but be warned. I can and will yell louder then you. *winks*

Oi, sorry again for the long blogs. XD You are wonderful to put up with this and read this far. thank you very much. :D I hope you have a great and wonderful day. *smiles*

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