Whooo weee! ask for excitment and ye shall recieve....in full. *laughs*So, haveing a better day today. Same cannot be said for others. heh. XD MC was .;.........interesting. The pc's i was having were flipping AWSOME!!! XD I got to talk to three of my favorite ppl. One of whom is one of two special one's. *big grin*I am sooooo bouncy right now. *sigh* I could just run i am soooo hyper. *laughs* but alas, my body is crying for sleep. I most assuradly will sleep very well tonight. *smiles* this is going to be a running gag. I must tell him that. *takes a note.*

I got to play with Liz tonight. I was soooo excited, i haven't seen her in soooo long. I missed her. T.T but i have Amber. *winks* funny how like minded ppl tend to gravitate toword each other. *laughs*ah, lovely night. lovely moon.

Much to my biblio ocd dismay i broke down and bought ecllipse so i know what the frell is going on. XD *thinks*this is familiar......*shrugs*oh well. I'm not the absent minded fox for nothing. *winks. light bulb.*oh that would make an adorable kids story! *giggles* I must set it to ink. *thinks about a little girl.* you know i would like to say that i am faking my speach pattern but no. i had a little girl tell me once, "you talk funny." that was by far one of the most adorable things i've ever heard aside from "mommy the cat is growling at me!" (was actually purring). ah...kids. *laughs*

So, much adu, about nothing in particular. I hope the girls had a wonderful night out and that Rosalie and Renee are the better for it. *smiles*

Sleep well, everyone and unitl next time....don't change that mc. *winks*


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