haha....I just wanted to put that. So, Minerva(see photos) had pups. XD Four. and they are so cute I can't stand it. lol. I will put up pix. they are sitting up on the bed with me, while thier mommy takes a potty break. lol. I'm so board. Xd I need to get going soon so I can pick up my sis. ;D *bounces*OK so guess what?! Brandy is back! And I have just made some wonerful friends! I'm so excited, and it's the excitment keeping me sane these days. lol. The finches have been everywhere this year. So cute! So that is wonderful, it means that there is going to be an influx of abundance. ;D if that made a whole hill of beans. lol.

I just posted on twitter: It's funny how the universe works. It's like an intricate clock. All the gears, pullies, & chains all working just 2 make 3 lil hands move.

Sometimes, it really helps to just step back and actually look at your clock. I think the problem most people have, is that they fail to step back and look at thier clocks. I am always looking at mine, not to check the time, but to reflect on it. When you can step back and watch a revelation of the hour hand, you find out just how the gears work. If you look only at the face you will see nothing but the passing of time. Open it up, look at it. Take it apart. I have done this and have discovered so many things. I still get sad, but I am learning to grow, and work the clock. They are such fickle things, clocks. They don't last. But I guess the fun is getting to try again. However, when a clock breaks down too soon, it is a hard thing. Time is none existant, but exists all around us. The beating of the heart is beating out the time that isn't really there.

<3<3 <3 ok the line is new. lol.

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