So in light of the storms I am navigating, the fingers of the sun still manage to push through the black bruises of the sky. I had a blast today with Kestrel. XD I love her very much, she's my very best friend and my sister. I got a letter from my favorite patriarc today. ;D He always puts a smile on my face. :D I had mongolian bbq today. ;P~ (<---drool) I bought a floral hair clip. (so pretty!) XD We played in Clare's, and I was thinking of all the things I was going to do when I get my job. ;D I can't wait to shop. :D I'm not much of a shopper, but I can't wait to raid the mac counter. Not that I wear makeup that offten. lol. But I am going to start putting my nose to the grind stone and work on my music. I want to teach so bad. XD I would love to work with autistic children. that is my dream. I want to help them find a voice. I know what it's like not to be heard, and music is my voice. So that was my logic. lol. XD

Anywhoot.... *pffft*sorry involentary release of ignorance there. XD whew, that was a doosy. Kestrel and I are working on our writing works. It's ....It's ...very interesting. lol. We were on fire yesterday and tonight. Niether of us can stop talking about it. lol. ugh, my throat is tight, and I can't figure out why or get it to untighten.*pffft*there it went again. sorry about that. lol. I had a dream about MJ last night. wierd. lol. It was fun. We hung out, and went to a karaeoke(XD) bar and sang some of his work. :D *blush*he said he liked my voice, and that I really need to presue it. He gave me a peptalk about not being afraid to shine. I told him he sounded like Carlise. lol. In case you don't know, I don't have much faith in myself. lol. It was such a nice dream. I drempt I brought him over here to the Cullen's and we had a party. good times! :D I put my moonstone on, and haven't had bad dreams. ;D I got told today that I can come to belly dance on monday nights. :D Kestrel was mad at me. She's upset because I went back after they did what they did. But I can't help it. I love my belly danceing. "what i did for love" oh my, that song makes me cry everytime. I wish I didn't get so emotional. XP when i feel things, i feel them. lol. I feel the people around me too. I always will talk to someone I see crying alone. Can't help it. I know what that feels like. Sometimes all you need is to not be pushed away, but for someone to just quietly come up and hug you and tell you it will be alrightr. I have made more then a few people feel better. I hate to see anyone cry. Unless, I make them cry. In which case they deserved it.

*smiles*I made this master teacher from Auburn U in Alabama cry, when I sang "the willow song" from the ballad of baby doe. My voice teach says he still talks about it. lol. I miss singing. ;D I want to sing again. :D So, that is what I am going to do with my money. :D Well, I owe a certain sis of mine dinner at the kilt. :D and at Famous Daves. (drools)omg the best bbq ever! XD I drempt about that place. :D We had fun. :D When I am disgustingly wealthy I'm totally renting the place out and haveing a party there. "Party at my place!" is what I will post here. ;D Ok, now I am excited. I love to see everyone happy. Whoot! I'm going to the comic book store tomorrow to see if they have any Doctor Strange stuff. tee hee, my new obsession. ;D *big grin.* So now that I have ramled needlessly. lol. I think I will head to bed. ;D There is somthing going on tomorrow morning here that i would like to see, as i don't know what it is. XD I hope i wake up in time. But selfishly, I am in terrible need of rest. Insomnia rears it's rear again. bleh. XP *SUPERBIGLOVEINGHUGSTOALL.*sleep well my friends. and if you don't well. lol. :D love ya lots!

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