Battle. Does it ever end? I am so annoyed. I'm tired of this emotion. I have been in such wonderful spirits. Pardon me, if I happen to have been very very sick the last three days. Battle. I am tired of it. I was a soldier in my past life, and I am tired. It is petty and stupid the crap I am dealing with. Judas, is low. I wonder if she is aware that I never said a word to her. She is the one after me. I am absolutly on fire with irritation. I come to my happy place, only to be blasted! Geez. I feel sometimes like I am screaming in a sound proof room. Honestly, would anyone notice if I didn't wake up? No joke. I hope tomorrow will be better. Today was a crap day. So, flush and begin a new. Wow, I haven't been this mad in awhile. It's wierd when you have your emotional dam torn down. All these things come flooding out. Sad part is, no one cares. I am really haveing a lonely night. Trying not to cry. don't know why. what good will it do to stop the hot frustrated tears, when no one is around to care. I try my best but my best doesn't seem to be enough. Battle. *sigh*

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Comment by Amanda Renee Francis on May 17, 2010 at 6:30pm
*thinks for a long time. Smiles*You really are as wise as they say. I hope we can talk soon. ;)


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