*laughs*didn't know what to put for the title. lol. I hope all you mother's out there had a wonderful day. I did. :D mine brought me a dead rat. XD I woke up to it laying there, and was just like.....um thank you my loves. *kiss and hugs*I threw it outside afterwards. lol. Nothing says I love you like a dead rat. I played on here for a bit this morning and got to help decorate for the greatest mom in the world...Essme! That was fun! Unfortunatly I had to pick up my bro, so I was unable to make it for the presenting. *pouts*next time. :D I got my little bro, and we went to see our favorite person....Kestrel!!! :D Robert got to meet pops, it was cool! He is a great man. :D Kind of like Carlisle on staroids. lol. I'm going to put up a pick of kestrel and robby. :D ......um.....haha...lost my train of thought. ah.....nope lost it again. lol. omg, i need to go to bed. lol.

Robert and I ended up going to dinner and seeing iron man two. omg, the wind was insane today. Ugh, my lungs are protesting. lol. We had a good time. we watched underworld 2 at the resturant at the river. :D The movie was great! I fell asleep though. XD I think i am trying to catch a cold. Xp too much stress. I think I am going to take debs up on her offer and do the hatha yoga. :D When i was doing that, it was very relaxing. :D and the hotha would get rid of the toxins too. :D I want to write. I am going to put my energies back into my music and writting. :D

-_-' wow. It's funny Judas says that she doesn't want to disturb me here? well, then why does she stay? why not just leave? that would be appreciated. At least let me have this one thing.

I got to talk to Tanya today! or ...yesterday? lol. I'm so confused. :D At any rate I got to talk to her. :D I hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful day today. :D I am off to bed. The wind is making me feel yucky. XD I think I might post some writting here. :D Would you like that?

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