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Time Flies

Time flies. 

I Didn't believe it at first, but it seemed like Yesterday that I was walking into the doors of a brand new school as a Freshman, but soon, I'll be walking through the same old doors for the fourth year, as a Senior, about to graduate. 

I never really fully realized that I was gonna be a senior until this morning, when I was doing my make up, in the same dress that I was gonna wear under my cap and gown, for my Senior pictures, that I was finally a Senior…


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Well, It's been a long time

 Wow..It's been so long since my last login. So much has changed..In my life, an as well as the site as I can see, and I can't wait to explore the new changes. 

Many things in my life have changed, just to keep this short and sweet since I have an AP U.S History to work on, I'll just make a short list..

  1. I've recently turned 18
  2. I no longer have my dogs,as they had to be put down because of how much pain they were in, and it wasn't fair to make them…

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Busy Week

For the only reason why i haven't been on lately.. was because this week was...interesting..

My Grandmother went to the hospital again, she went because her eyes were all glassy and she was paler than usual and then the fact that she was having a hard time breathing,but they kept her from Monday(Aug 12th) till Sunday(Aug. 18th). Then on Friday(Aug 16th) she had surgery for the pacemaker,which would keep her heart in beat the right way,not too fast not too slow. and i hope it will stop…


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another hospital trip -.-

Well grandma had just came home from another hospital trip, she was in the hospital 2 weeks ago,i think too, i apologize for not keeping you guys informed. everyone's getting all mad at me for it,so i wouldn't be shocked.

and it turns out my cousin Marie is pregnant, she's happy but she upset that she can't ride her horses anymore,and now i can't either because she can't -.-

i hope all these trips to the hospital will finally end.

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too hot of a summer.

summer just started and i'm already complaining that its too hot. i'm literally sweating to the point where i'm so sticky that i have to take a shower -.-

its disgusting. i actually took a cold shower in order to cool down


if i have to in order to walk my dog moose i will get up at 6 am in the morning just to walk him while its cool out so the hot cement won't hurt his feet.

this morning i got up at 7 am,and it was alredy 75-80 Fahrenheit  degrees out…


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birthday :)

 The passed Monday(June 17th) was my birthday,I didn't do very much but hang out with my Bestie, who i also consider my sister since we've been best friends since kindergarten

My aunt and uncle also took my friend and i onto their boat, it was so much fun,from the top, you could see…


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I have a stalker

I apologize for not being on, my computer hasn't been working, and i can't access this site at school, sadly its blocked.

Well, I'm almost 16, and my Freshman year of high school is almost over(about time). I only have 6 more full days of school left, then I'll have half days for my final exams.

For the past week I've been freaked out. We have new neighbors a few houses away on a corner, and there's a son, he's 19, and he's stalking me every time i walk my dog around the…


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another unexpected trip

well grandma was discharged from the hospital last week,but now she's back in the hospital. the funny thing is,its the same floor and only a few rooms away from the room she was in before.

this time on friday, she fell and hit her head on the floor at walmart,then saterday morning she was caughing up blood, my aunt took her to the ER and they said her heart beat was low, and so was her blood pressure. who knows how long she'll be in this time so i'm stuck at my aunt's house till she…


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the unexpected

Well, I didn't expect this to happen. My Great-Grandma had a heart attack. she had a hard time breathing one night and i was in the computer room with my door shut because my uncle was putting his dog outside and his dog doesn't get along with my dog, and he said that grandma was having a hard time breathing so he took her to the hospital. i told my aunt, since my grandmother is her mother, and she called and said that she'll go see her in the E.R and tell me how she is and what is wrong…


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missing and putting down Oreo

I know I haven’t been on lately, but its because everything hasn’t been very good. I had to put down one of my dogs. We had to put down Oreo(the black and white one in my pictures) on the day before St.Patrick’s Day. Then there’s driver’s training I was doing in February which had put me behind in my homework a lot, then there’s the fact that internet hasn’t been working. I’ve been very depressed lately after we put Oreo down. The saddest thing is, that my…


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Taylor Swift

ok i'm so excited! i created my first page on Facebook!

its for Taylor Swift's new Album "Red".

there i update news about the album, i add videos to her new songs on that album, and tons of information!


Feel free to visit it.  and like it :)

I'm Excited for this new album i've heard songs from it already off of Youtube(that i'll be posting to The page),and i can't wait to Get it!…


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braces and highschool

On october 29th, monday, i had gotten my braces off i was so excited, its been 2-3 rough years of having my braces since they were always

adjusting to my small mouth.


 I had my braces since the 7th grade. On December 2nd 2010 i had gotten my top jaw braced. then on may 18th 2011 i got braces

 on my bottom jaw.


I'll have to admit though, getting braces off is less painful then getting them on, well it was until i had to do the teeth models.

i hated…


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happy Halloween!


I know i'll enjoy it! its my bestfriend's birthday today!  School was cancelled so i don't have to worry about going to school!

School was cancelled because a few days ago we were hit with Hurricane Sandy :( 

even though it was supposed to only effect the east side of the U.S  it had hit the shores of Michigan People all over town had no power.  winds were up to 80 miles per hour that first night, the day after it…


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my first published web page

So in Web publishing, we have published our very first webpage for everyone to see. Of course it was a large assignment  of our choice. I chose to do the vampire diaries. So here’s the link. Feel free to leave a comment on the page if you’d like even if you’re a guest I do believe you can leave a comment. there are 2 pages to it but the link to the second page is at the bottom of the first page.

 it'll say "page 2 "…


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Once Upon A Time

Ok so there’s a show that I’ve grown attach to, which is Called Once Upon A Time. Its basically about fairytales but their not your ordinary fairytale, there’s a twist to all of them. And what happened is that snow whites step mother the evil queen, casted a dark spell on the fairytale land, and made all the fairytale characters trapped in a small town called storybroke but they don’t know who each other are or who they originally were.

A lot of people call me crazy for this but for…


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web publishing

Ok, so I don’t know if this will work on the blog or not with all these tabs, but I’ll try, just so you know the text that is in-between < > are tabs, and aren’t supposed to be showing. :)

Since I did say in my other blog that I would tell you about Web publishing, since that blog was getting too long, and I try to keep my blogs to a certain length.

So there’s this thing I downloaded on my computer called Notepad ++ its free and easy to download. Here’s the link in case…


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Freshman year of Highschool

So last week I had started highschool. It's a bit tough, not the classes yet,but just trying to get around without getting trampled by other freshmen and older students. I'm shocked that I havent gotten trampled yet. The hallways are the worst. especially when you have to turn corners, or in the center where 2 hallways connect. >./span>

people are soooo sloooow. I guess they don't care about getting to class on time,…


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So those who don’t know what Quotev/quizazz is, it’s a story sharing site, and another roleplay place in the groups. So I’ve been running out of ideas on what to write in blogs, and as I was reading my past blogs, I noticed that I never mentioned that I love to write stories. So on Quizazz/quotev, I have 2 accounts, I usually only use one but every once in a while I’ll go on my other.most of them are Twilight based, and some are based on The Vampire Diaries. Don’t worry you don’t need an…


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Putting down Oreo(before)

Well today on our way back home from the store, my grandma mentioned that we may have to put down my dog Oreo.  He’s only about 4 in human years, 32 dog years , but he’s been in a lot of pain lately for some reason. My grandma said that sometimes in the middle of the night, he would move and yip in pain. I’m sad to have to make him go, but I have no choice my grandma has already made her decision, its just I don’t know when she’s gonna put him down. I hope she isn’t gonna do it when I’m at…


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Don’t stick your fingers in my baby cousin’s mouth!

So my baby cousin Rylee is about 10 months old, and i was trying to feed her the jelly that was in my donut. So I stick my finger in the jelly then put it in her mouth, but she has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. And she bit me. It hurt, really bad, right now she’s crawling/walking around the room I’m in just gibberjabbering baby talk and getting into everything. She may be a 10 month old but she thinks she’s a 3 year old so she tries to do everything.not kidding its annoying so I have to…


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