so i went horse riding  for the last time before school starts on the 4th. and i didn't want to trot since a few years ago i fell off 2 times. the first was while trotting which caused me to have a fear of trotting. but i didn't want to but since i was way behind marie buck,the horse i was riding wanted to catch up with marie.
 oh and don't worry his name isn't buck because he bucks, that's very rare. he's named buck because his hair looks like he ended up going into a gallop. for those who don't know what stuff is with horses, a trot is like a jog to us,a canter is a speed jog or sprint, and a gallop is a full out run. most people can't get buck into a gallop without being reared off. -.-

i'm very proud that i survived it ,and i kinda got over my fear of trottting but not much i prefer galloping its a a lot smoother. Buck loves to walk and run! he hates trotting and cantering after you gallop him once he wants to go again and again and again! even if you don't have the energy for  it. of course when we stopped i was freaking out and crying. :'(

 and he did do a mini buck. he got excited because i was giggling and laughing my tousche off.
 Well horses do sense your emotions! which sometimes can be a bad thing because i panick when ever i go into a trot.

he went straight into a gallop without going into a trot,which was very strange most horses don't do that. they have to be warmed up first,especially fat ones.*giggles* like buck, and ones that just ate a ton of grass *giggles more*

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on August 25, 2012 at 4:44am

Sounds like you had quite the adventure! Holding on tight with your legs is the best way.. keep your heels down and crouch low over the horses neck. I have much experience with horses, You're going to do just fine!


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