so when i got to my highschool, PH(port huron) i found out that now its assential that you attend oriantation every single year of highschool. i'm a freshman and i also found out its all one floor. i got my schedule too, but no one i know has the same classes :(
 this is my schedule:

1) US. History-Mr.Harris

2)introduction to web publishing-Theut

3)math lab-rosenau

4)biology- mrs.maury

5)Algebra 1 A- Eschker

6)ELA grade 9 -mitchell

7) homeroom- Mr. Meinhardt.

i only know the titles for some teachers the mentors who are seniors told me but i can't remember them all. i met mr. Harris and he's awesome! i can tell its gonna be great to have him,but history isn't my best subject..
 he even admited he's old.. which is weird. most men don't like admitting that. well he's kinda funny. for homeroom i won't be seeing mr. Meinhardt much except for special occasions or for assemblies. that's all. but he was the gym teacher for boy's gym at chippewa when i was in 6th grade. the mentor i was with mentioned mrs.maury, she said she's strict with cheating, but that's fine with me, i don't cheat.

i'm usually shy but i regret not talking to anyone or making new friends while i was there.

oh and i want to join this group called the tribe. and its about this senoir who was about to graduate who died in 2007, because of a heart issue. so in memory of him they created it. its more of a school spirit thing,with a mixture of cheer.
so we'll see how that works out :)

oh and any advice for keeping my grades up? my cousin said that if i have a 4.0 i go to cedar point of 2 days instead. i know i can do it, i had straight A's but it wasn't a 4.0

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on August 25, 2012 at 4:47am

It looks like you have a pretty full schedule. I think you should join the 'Tribe' group. It will be a great opportunity to make some friends and partake in some really fun activities!

Oh.. by the way.. I'm old too *laughs*


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