Ok so I know some of you are looking for a new book to read, for some of you I recommend The Hunger games, if you haven’t read it yet. The hunger games Trilogy is a science fiction book, in other words, its based in the future. The hunger games Trilogy is written by Susan Collins. There’s 3 books to the trilogy. There’s first the hunger games, then Catching fire, and  then Mocking jay. Some of you have never heard of a mockingjay. They’ll mention it in the first book,but I’ll explain it if you have read the book but still don’t understand what it is. Pretty much what it is, Is a bird breed between a mocking bird and jabber jay. A jabberjay is this mutant bird made by the capitol. They have no point in life really, they’re monsters, they are commonly used in the hunger games to trick the tributes. They are sent to a different district,pretty much what ever district that tribute is from, and records voices of the people they care about then go back to the arena and play it,making them sound like they were hurt,stirring up the tribute,and tricking them.

The hunger games is about the future where in the ruins of where North America used to be, lies a nation of panem,A shining capitol surrounded by 12 districts,which there used to be 13. that’s how the hungergames was started. When panem first rised there was 13 districts but there was an uprising in 13 against the capitol so the capitol bombed them, which caused the hunger games. In memory of the uprising, each district must deliver 2 tributes, one man and one woman, between the ages of 12 to 18, in honor of representing their district. The tributes are chosen at a public reaping(not raping people, reaping, there’s a ‘e’ after the ‘a’ and before the ‘p’ don’t get reaping and raping mixed up, a lot of people do, they sound the same).  The capitol is harsh and cruel  and keeps the districts in line by forcing them to participate in the hunger games; a fight to the death on live tv.  But in district 12,  17 year old Katniss Everdeen,regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward as a volunteer for her sister, Primrose, or prim, place in the games. But Katniss has been close to dead before- and survival, for her is her second nature. Katniss is the supplier of her family she hunts to keep them alive. But if she is to win, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

If you’ve already seen the movie it might have been confusing if you didn’t read the book first, I’ve experienced that with my friends. Some of them that watched the movie didn’t read the book and they found it hard to keep up. So I’ll give you a little bit of description for the characters of the books, and for each district as they all supply the capitol with one different thing. so here's my guide to mostly the first book and the series.

The districts:

1)      district 1 makes luxury goods that decorate and beautify the great capitol. It is excellent taste and craftsmanship keep capitol residents bewigged and bedazzled year-round. District 1 is one of the suppliers of 2 career tributes. They win almost every year.

2)       District 2 supplies stonework. It builds and fortifies cities, and its citizens are known individually for their strength. They are the other district that supplies 2 career tributes.

3)      Panem is one of the most advanced nations of mankind’s history, thanks to the efforts of district 3. its computers keeps them all connected and its electronic gadgets keeps them all entertained.

4)      Do you like seafood? Shrimp and crabmeat? Often overlooked, district 4 plays an essential role bringing panem the bounty of the sea, these citizens are adept with nets and tridents, and can swim like fish themselves.

5)      Electric, solar and nuclear- district 5 harnesses the energy of the earth, and the sky in order to power panem

6)       The hovercrafts, and high-speed trains, and cargo trains come to panem from district 6. ironically, the citizens have little love to travel.

7)      This beautiful district is lush with trees, from which these citizens supply panem with lumber, and paper. The people of district 7 are hardworking and down to earth.

8)      From simple, lovely fabrics of the districts to the beautiful brocades favored in the capitol district 8 makes it all.

9)      District 9 is panem’s bread bowl, giving them the fertile harvests they need to keep rising as a nation.  Its amber waves of grain are an inspiration to them all.

10)   The gentle lowing of cattle is the first thing a visitor to district 10 hears. The legion rises strong, healthy livestock, which becomes the meat that helps panem  raise strong, healthy children.

11)  Known for its bountiful orchards, district 11’s workers spend their day’s among rustling fruit trees and sizable farms.

12)  One of the outer districts, this is nonetheless a crucial one. these brave hardy workers descend deep into the earth each day to mine the coal that keeps the nation running.

The tributes for first book


District 1 & 2: the careers, they win almost every year. They train at an academy up till their 18 then they volunteer, pretty lethal by time they go into the games


District 1 tributes:

Female: Glimmer







District 2:

Female: Clove









District 3:

Female: unknown name



male:unkown name



District 4:

Female:  unknown name



Male:unkown name



District 5:

Female: Foxface



Male: unknown



district 6:


female: unknown








district 7:

female: unknown








District 8:

female: unknown








District 9:

female: unknown








District 10:


female: unknown







District 11:




Male: Thresh





District 12 :


Female: Katniss everdeen



Male: peeta Mellark.



other characters:


Haymitch Abernathy:

Haymitch was the only living victor from District 12 until the 74th annual hunger games. He was victor from the 50th hunger games, which was a quarter quell, at the age of 16. Haymitch was reaped in the second Quarter Quell along with another male tribute and two female tributes. During his interview with Caesar Flickerman, Haymitch was asked about what he thought of the Games having twice as many tributes; he replied by saying he didn't see much difference as they would be just as stupid. During the Games, he was able to get a knife, and a “backpack of choice.” From the cornucopia. At an uncertain point of time, Haymitch ran into three career tributes, He was able to take out two tributes with his knife, but the third Career tribute got him and was about to slit his throat until he was shot in the back with a poison dart by Maysilee Donnor, a fellow tribute from District 12, had shot the dart and saved his life. He then formed a temporary alliance. with her. The two of them went to the end of the arena thinking that something useful could be there.Near the end of the Games, when there were only a few tributes left alive, they reached the end of the arena and saw nothing. Maysilee suggested going back, but Haymitch refused to leave. Maysilee then broke up the alliance, not wanting to kill him herself. After her departure, Haymitch kicked a pebble off the edge of a cliff, and it bounced back to the spot. He picked up a rock and threw it off the cliff, and a force field threw it back, to his pleasure. Later, Haymitch found Maysilee being attacked by deadly candy pink birds, who speared her throat with their beaks. Haymitch and one of district 1’s female tribute, made it to the final two, and they fought, but both were severely injured. Haymitch, at one point, sliced her eye out, and later was disarmed and hit in his stomach by her axe. A weakened Haymitch rushed to the cliff while holding in his intestines and reached the cliff with the District 1 female right behind him. Haymitch fell to his knees due to his injuries. The District 1 female tribute threw her axe, aiming for his head, but he dodged it. She then just stood there thinking she would outlast him, but the force field returned the axe into the arena, burying itself into the District 1 female's head, killing her and leaving Haymitch the victor. two weeks after he was crowned victor of the Second Quarter Quell his mother, younger brother and girlfriend were all killed by President snow, because of the stunt that Haymitch pulled with the force field. For the next 23 years, Haymitch trained the tributes for District 12 alone. Due to the horror of the Games, his grief over his family's deaths, and the fact that every tribute he trained was killed in the arena, Haymitch turned to drinking and isolated himself from the rest of District 12. He began sleeping with a knife in his hand and refused to let anyone into his house. 

Age: I did the math myself, so ended up with:

50th hunger games: 16

It’s the 74th in the first book.

74-50 = 24.  so its been 24 years since 16 year old haymitch won the hunger games.

16 + 24 = 40. he was 40 in the first book, then about 41 in the second, and still I think 41 in the 3rd, there’s not exactly a one year period between the 2nd and 3rd book.



my favorite quotes:

“loosen up your corset, have a drink.”- To effie. First book.

“nice dress sweetheart.”-to katniss, then turns to effie and says: “not yours.”




Effie Trinket:

Effie annoys Haymitch greatly by her Capitol ways. Since Haymitch isn't familiar to Effie's manners, dead lines and appearance he becomes annoyed when she nags him about this. He annoys Effie as well by being at his worst and frustrate her by his appearance and manners like when he eats with his hands and like an animal. The two do have their moments together like the night before the Third Quarter Quell. The two say their final goodbyes before she is taken away and Haymitch shows to care for her.

Picture: http://www.blogworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/effie-trinket.jpg


Gale Hawthorne:

He’s katniss’s hunting partner, but while katniss is in the games, he takes care of her family.

Gale is the oldest child of the Hawthorne family with three younger siblings: Rory, Vick and the only girl: Posy. who was born after their father died in a mining accident that also killed Katniss' father. After his father's death, Gale struggles to provide for his family with help from his mother,Hazelle. To help feed his family, he hunted illegally in the forest adjacent to District 12, and he applied for Tesserae many times. He calls katniss catnip because when they first met, she said her name so low that instead of sounding like katniss, it sounded like catnip, and he continued to call her that even when he does know her real name.

Picture: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb58378/thehungergames/images/3...




Cinna is katniss’s best friend in the capitol and stylist. Instead of congratulating her for being chosen to go into the hunger games, he apologizes.

My favorite quotes: “ I’m sorry this happened to you, but I’m here to help you in anyway I can.”-To katniss everdeen when they first meet.

“I know I can’t bet, but if I could, I would bet on you.”- To katniss, before she is sent to the arena.

Picture:  he don’t look like an ordinary captitol residence with crazy make up,clothes and hair, he looks like a typical guy with both his ears pierced, and gold eyeliner, he has a tendency to wear a black  outfit.



Portia: she is the other stylist for district 12,and partners with cinna. But instead of katniss’s designers she’s peeta’s.

Picture: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb58378/thehungergames/images/7...


Avox: an avox is a slave to the capitol people, who have no tongues,so therefore cannot talk.

Picture: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb58374/thehungergames/images/1...


President snow:

President Coriolanus Snow was the ruthless president of panem for at least 25 years. He is the main antagonist of the hunger games

A ruthlessly cruel man, President Coriolanus Snow was obsessed with perfection and maintained little respect for human life. He is a very tyrannical ruler who ruled over Panem with an iron fist. He constantly threatened, and killed people who stood in his way to holding absolute power over Panem. He was not hesitant to use people for his personal advantage. For example, he used Finnick and other (unknown) attractive victors and sold them into prostitution to affluent Capitol citizens. Cashmere was also one of his victims of prostitution. Snow tried to prostitute Johanna Mason as well, but she refused to go along with his plan. Because of this, he ruthlessly killed her loved ones. His obsession with perfection arises out of his paranoia. He is paranoid that he will lose his power. As a result he murders allies and enemies alike, and in his effort to still appear perfect he drinks his own murderous poison, and is left with a mouthful of bloody sores, which are the only outward sign of his insanity. He uses the thick perfume of the roses to cover the thick scent of his bloody mouth. He fails however, as Katniss describes his aroma as that of faux roses and blood. His name, Snow, and his white roses symbolize his mental need to appear flawless, despite his obvious flaws. Despite all this, he claims that he is not wasteful. He'll only kill people for well-defined reasons. President Snow is also willing to take the life of children for his own safety as when he was going to use them as human shields during the rebellion in Mockingjay. He is obviously highly intelligent and cunning as evidenced by his manipulation of Katniss during Catching Fire, and his ability to maintain control of Panem for at least 25 years, probably longer.

Picture: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb58378/thehungergames/images/2...


Caesar Flickerman:

He is famous for turning any conversation around for the positive, and is known to change the color of his lips, hair, and eyelids for each Hunger Games. He always wears a midnight blue suit with small lightbulbs on it.Caesar is known for being helpful and brings out the best in the tributes. Katniss also notes that she thinks Caesar acts like this so that the tributes don't get worried or nervous. He is also known to like the Capitol's lamb stew. He thinks of himself as a little on the "tubby" side and loves katniss’s interview dress in the first book and asks her to twirl. It says in the book that Caesar can make a weak response into a memorable one. In the film portrayal though, Stanley Tucci remarked that he thought Caesar to be "creepy, with the sort of false generosity and duplicity." Others view Flickerman's deameanor more as that of an amiable talk show host looking only to make the interviews memorable to the audience.






Seneca crane:

Seneca was the head gamemaker of the 74th annual hunger games. And was head game maker for 3 years.

Picture: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb58378/thehungergames/images/d...

I will post one to the second book once i finish it. I'm reading it for the second time :)

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on August 25, 2012 at 4:40am

Excellent report on the book! I  have read it and also saw the movie, both excellent!


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