So those who don’t know what Quotev/quizazz is, it’s a story sharing site, and another roleplay place in the groups. So I’ve been running out of ideas on what to write in blogs, and as I was reading my past blogs, I noticed that I never mentioned that I love to write stories. So on Quizazz/quotev, I have 2 accounts, I usually only use one but every once in a while I’ll go on my other.most of them are Twilight based, and some are based on The Vampire Diaries. Don’t worry you don’t need an account to read it,but if you want to comment you do, so don’t worry about making one you can just Inbox me if you want and tell me what you think, or just tell me in the comments below. Just make sure you tell me what story your talking about.


Vampire Diaries based:

Forever love-

This is a love story about kol, and his lover lillian starting off in the 1700's in England than fast forwarding to present time. what will happen when they meet again?



Vampire diaries love story:

Lilly Just moved to Mystic Falls,She's only 15, and her family is dead, she has no one, and is living on her own now.What happens when she meets a certain guy?



love triangle:

Damon Salvatore, and Klaus, are both after the same girl. Who is destined to win her heart?






Twilight based:

Twilight saga fairy:




Volturi’s new receptionist:

The Volturi has killed their receptionist, and are looking for a new one, they find a girl who seems to be the perfect fit for the job,but someone unexpectedly find love while she's there.


Cullen Heir:



What will happen when 2 people from different worlds meet?




15 year old Taylor, has been abused by her father eversince she was 8, when she was 13, her father started to rape her.




Taylor is a lost 15 year old girl, who is trying to figure herself out, she doesn't remember anything from her past, and she has lived with the Cullens ever since she was 5.
This story starts during new moon, when Bella tries to save Edward from the Volturi.


Adopted by the cullens:


Alec Volturi love story:


Volturi daughter:

Everything in Aro's life was perfect, He had a beautiful wife he loved, power at his finger tips, and was one of the rulers of the Vampire world, until he meets a little 4 year old telling him that she's his daughter.



The hunger games:

Haymitch’s daughter:




The hunger games quiz:

How much do you know about the hunger games?



Volturi baby daddy:

Who's Your baby daddy out of the Volturi?
Aro, Cauis, Marcus, Alec, Demetri, or Felix?
Long Results


so feel free to read any of them, not all of them are finished.  currently i'm working on forever love the most.

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