So last week I had started highschool. It's a bit tough, not the classes yet,but just trying to get around without getting trampled by other freshmen and older students. I'm shocked that I havent gotten trampled yet. The hallways are the worst. especially when you have to turn corners, or in the center where 2 hallways connect. >./span>

people are soooo sloooow. I guess they don't care about getting to class on time, since their classes are all probably in the same hallway. Mine isn't.
 I have to walk all the way to the back of the school then to the front of the school, then to the west side of the school then back to the south side of the school for my first 4 hours. Then there was the stress of lunch. Within a few days I gave up on trying to get lunch; By time I sit down to eat, I would only have about 5 minutes to eat,so pretty much I stood in line for about 20 minutes since lunches are only 30 minutes, so I just gave up and started to work on my homework from previous classes.
 I guess the school got tons of calls about not having enough time to eat because of the lines because the class I was in during lunch hours, got switched.
 Other than that, I love my classes and teachers, they're amazing.

1st hour I have Mr.Harris for U.S history. But the weird thing is that He was gonna start at the reconstruction Era of 1877(I think), without even touching the Civil War, and last year in 8th grade, we barely touched the Civil war,we did a few things but not much. So being me, I messaged the teacher I had last year, Mrs.Dalrymple, and  my history teacher this year, Mr.Harris. I asked Mrs. Dalrymple if she could send me a few worksheets, not in the mail, but the questions in the Email, of course instead of a email back, I got a phone call,which i'm sure shocked my grandma, i never get phone calls from a teacher. It turned out that it was Mrs. Dalrymple, and of course I got on the phone and talked to her. Being the teacher's pet all the time, she said she would, and gave me some tips on how to study, since I had no idea what matieral I needed to know about the Civil war itself.

On the next day, after i messaged Mr.Harris, i talked to him,like i said i would in the Email, and he said that he's sure i'm not alone. i'm happy i don't have to try to study it on my own, without any guidance, on what to study and what not to study. :)

For 2nd hour, I have Web Publishing with Mr.Theut. Its actually really cool, my cousin said that it sounds boring,but it isn't really, a lot of people say that it sounds boring, but i keep telling them and telling them that it isn't. its actually easy. I'll make another blog about what I learned to do,since there's a lot, but with notes i take(even though i'm not supposed to be writing it down,no worries i don't get in trouble for it), I downloaded the program onto my computer which is Notepad ++ its free to download,but i wasn't worried about that, i was worried i wouldn't be able to use it because well lets just say my computer is uber old, and really out of date, its so out of date, i can't even download a program to update it, without updating my browser, and then when i tried that, i couldn't update it. >./span>

3rd hour is Math lab with Mr.Rosenau. Pretty much what its for is to help you with your math. like if you had homework from the night before that you didn't get a chance to finish because you didn't understand a problem or something, you'd go into math lab and get some help on it, you're only assigned mathlab if you math meap scores are low.  oh and if you have a test, they help you study the day of the test before you get to your math class. :)

4th hour is Biology with Mrs.Maury. which seems easy. we already did a small experiment on bubble gum. a lot of people though that bubble gum would get bigger as you chew it or would stay the same but actually it gets smaller.

5th hour is Algebra 1 with Mr.Escher/Moran. She got married over the summer. She's actually really funny. :)

there was this girl sitting behind me during the first week or so of school, and her name was kelly(i think that's how its spelled.), and since she was trying to go around the room trying to get all their names right, when it came down the last 2, which was Kelly and i, she started to struggle, because it kinda sounds the same. after a try she got it, but  a student said she was cheating because her seating chart book thingy, was opened but she said that it was upside down.

6th hour is ELA with Mrs.Mitchell. She's just... weird. She's nice,but she's weird.

Then homeroom,which i only have once a month, with Mr.Meinhardt. which is the only class i have with my friend Kayla. So now,since my class's lunch got changed to A,her class got switched to B, and we'll only see each other in the hallways but it isn't enough time to talk since we only have 5 minutes in between classes.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on September 16, 2012 at 5:44am

That looks like a pretty jam-packed schedule. I hope that now that you are in a different lunch you have more time and can get something to eat!!!


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