Ok, so I don’t know if this will work on the blog or not with all these tabs, but I’ll try, just so you know the text that is in-between < > are tabs, and aren’t supposed to be showing. :)

Since I did say in my other blog that I would tell you about Web publishing, since that blog was getting too long, and I try to keep my blogs to a certain length.

So there’s this thing I downloaded on my computer called Notepad ++ its free and easy to download. Here’s the link in case you want to try it out after this.



So in order for this thing to work, after you download it of course, you have to save it, and instead of normal text file(which is the setting its on right when you go to save it), you go down the list for Hypertext mark up language file(html).

To start off your document you have to start with a basic set up:




                        Basic set up (doesn’t have to be that, it could be anything)




            Page 1(again it doesn’t have to be that, it could be anything.)




So yeah that’s the basic set up, so when you go to run it, if it don’t work right, make sure you saved it before you ran it then check to see if all your tabs are closed. The tabs that are like this </>  are closing tags.

The next step is adding colors.

At the opening body tag, you just need to do this:

<body bgcolor=”#__________” text= “#__________” >


Instead of the blanks you have to fill it in with the hexadecimal code for the color you want. Since there is possibly over 2000 codes, it’s impossible to remember them all. So what you could do is go to google and look up Hexadecimal color chart, then go to images, then click on a good chart or one that you want to use. It should be kinda like this with a lot of colors and numbers: http://www.johncfish.com/bggallery/otherchart/hextable.gif


For textures, there are physical and logical text affect codes.


<em> emphasis

<strong> strong

<b> bold

<i> italics

<u> underline

<sup> superscript

<sub> subscript

<small> small

<dfn> definition


<code> code sample

<samp> code sample

<kbd> code sample

<tt> teletype

<strike> text with strike through it

<big> big

<del> deleted text

<var> variable

<ins> inserted


You can place those anywhere in your sentences. Also if you don’t put <p> at the beginning and </p> at the end, your sentences will keep going and going and going. That tag will separate sentences for you.


<p> Hi my name is <b> Kelsey </b> </p>

</p> I am  <em>15 </em> years old. </p>

</p> My birthday is <u> June 17<u><sup>th</sup> 1997 </p>


See what I mean? You can place them anywhere.


I know it’s a lot to learn in one day.  So for now that’ll be all, i’ve done more than that but I’ll let you guys absorb that all in.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on September 16, 2012 at 5:48am

Looks great! I use a lot of coding here on site (as you can see) and at first it was over whelming to look at all of it and figure it all out but after time it became easier and now it's just second nature!

It sounds like you are enjoying school so far.  I hope things continue to go well!


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