well grandma was discharged from the hospital last week,but now she's back in the hospital. the funny thing is,its the same floor and only a few rooms away from the room she was in before.

this time on friday, she fell and hit her head on the floor at walmart,then saterday morning she was caughing up blood, my aunt took her to the ER and they said her heart beat was low, and so was her blood pressure. who knows how long she'll be in this time so i'm stuck at my aunt's house till she comes home, since the uncle that lives with me is irrisponsible and barely come downstairs, it would've been better for me to stay at my aunts. at least i won't starve or try to survive on mac and cheeze for every meal. -.- i love mac and cheeze but not that much.

on saterday my aunt took her to the hospital than hours later my cousin picked me up and took her to her house after she got out of work.  i stayed there till my aunt got home from staying with grandma in the hospital. i was fed, and played zoo tycoon 2, of course i kept complaining about a baby on my game that i didn't know where it was, that kept crying and wouldn't shut up, then i kept yelling at my T-rexs(oh yeah that's right i had 2 t-rex), because they wouldn't reproduce, then i got all excited everytime one of my animals got pregnant. my cousin and her boyfriend just looked at me weird and worriedly, and said they didn't know me. 

yeah i'm that weird, i get excited over little things. 

a movie to a book comes out, i get very excited, then can't sleep for months waiting for it to be out in theaters and for me to have time to go see it.

and tonight, i got cut by crablegs. the little bugger scratched me,and btw i'm talking about dinner at my aunts. of course i got back at it by eating it. :)

i have to go to bed i'm about to crash,its way past my bedtime, but with all that is going on, i can't sleep, its nerverecking not knowing if your grandmother is gonna be alright while your in school or when your aunt isn't talking to her on the phone.

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Comment by Renesmee Black-Cullen on April 29, 2013 at 12:35am

Dear Kelsey,

I hope your grandma gets better soon.


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