Well, I didn't expect this to happen. My Great-Grandma had a heart attack. she had a hard time breathing one night and i was in the computer room with my door shut because my uncle was putting his dog outside and his dog doesn't get along with my dog, and he said that grandma was having a hard time breathing so he took her to the hospital. i told my aunt, since my grandmother is her mother, and she called and said that she'll go see her in the E.R and tell me how she is and what is wrong when she could. 

for the past few days, i've been going back and forth from my aunt's house and my cousin's house who is her daughter. 

Luckily i had my best friend with me the whole time. i was happy, i wasn't gonna be all alone in this, we even went to see grandma in the hospital a few times though, i'm not sure all of my family knows yet, some of them are hard to contact, but they will know eventually

my uncle being the retard he is, took advantage of my grandma while she was in the hospital and let a few 'friends' who were supposedly 'dropped off at 6 am, and crashed in our living room.' well my friend and i stopped by the house to let my dog out because i knew my uncle wouldn't have done it, so we did, and my friend let him out and she saw the 2 people on the couch. i got on my computer and it was being messed with, it was on,when i turned it off the night before, and there was an mp3/ipod thing on it, an unknown coat, fitted for a small child. my friend came in and said that there's 2 people sleeping in the living room.  my cousin went in there and saw them, she yelled upstairs to my uncle and yell at him for having 2 people who grandma doesn't know, in the house. i asked him who they were and what they are doing there, and he started yelling so i started yelling he was was trying to tell me to not to raise my voice but i only raised it because he was raising his first, so then he threatened to smack me. my aunt came in after my cousin called and stayed till the people left.

she took us over to the hospital for the first time for my friend,second time for me,  to see my grandma, and she was doing better.  then we went to a restaurant, so we could have breakfast and my aunt could make some phone calls to get help to get my aunt(his wife) and uncle an eviction notice to get out of my grandma's house, they are the reason why she is in the hospital, they put so much stress on her, they don't do crap around the house, they are really lazy and selfish, 

Well luckily today,my aunt served them the 30 day eviction notice, and my uncles wife, surprisingly since she doesn't have the anger issues, gets all mad at my aunt, and my uncle just went back upstairs.

i'm happy they are finally leaving, they are so selfish they owe grandma at least 1-200 dollars from borrowing money they didn't have and never could get.

Well that's whats been going on in my life at the moment, its so messed up -.- 

i want all this to be over before monday when i go back to school  or else its really gonna affect my school work, family always comes first before anything else, that's how it is with everyone else in my family, except my retarted uncle.

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