I know I haven’t been on lately, but its because everything hasn’t been very good. I had to put down one of my dogs. We had to put down Oreo(the black and white one in my pictures) on the day before St.Patrick’s Day. Then there’s driver’s training I was doing in February which had put me behind in my homework a lot, then there’s the fact that internet hasn’t been working. I’ve been very depressed lately after we put Oreo down. The saddest thing is, that my Cousin Marie, who took him to the shelter to get put down, said that he was all happy and everything to leave, and go for the car ride, he was wagging his tail and everything. But he was in pain. He had a bad knee injury, and in order to fix it, it was $1800.With a big surgery like that, most dogs have been known not to survive it. I wish she didn’t decide that while I was at that St.Patrick’s day Parade, which was fun, and freezing, no matter how much I ran around, I was froze; even my hot cocoa was frozen. I hope nothing happens to moose, he’s my only protector now. Of course my grandma wants to get rid of him but I don’t want her too.

My boyfriend, being the sweety he is, no matter how depressed he gets, has tried to make me happy and get over it, but its too hard, he was my little baby.my protector. i remember carrying him all the way home, no matter how heavy he was when he got hit by the car, the most painful memory would be at the vet and finding out about his knee, the surgery, and about having to put him down. i broke down crying, the vet felt bad, and so did my friend as she had start to break down crying as well. tomorrow would be the second week without him, I'm not sure how much longer i can hold on, and keep the tears in, i've cried myself to sleep since then, and had moose next to me every night.

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