I apologize for not being on, my computer hasn't been working, and i can't access this site at school, sadly its blocked.

Well, I'm almost 16, and my Freshman year of high school is almost over(about time). I only have 6 more full days of school left, then I'll have half days for my final exams.

For the past week I've been freaked out. We have new neighbors a few houses away on a corner, and there's a son, he's 19, and he's stalking me every time i walk my dog around the block. He doesn't live on my block, he lives across the street. so i can't exactly
avoid him. My grandma called the police for Assault(since he hugged me, i know it is assault of some sort, but I'm not gonna say it because of the fact there is younger people on here), and for stalking me. I am a Minor, and i do know my laws, and rights.I am not afraid to run straight home away from him, if he was to try to talk to me again. The police sadly, won't do anything until he tries to talk to me or do something to me again.Now, when i walk my dog,my grandma watches,through a window,to make sure he doesn't come after me while I'm walking,if he was to, she would call the police.He does it to my friend as well, who lives next to him, and she's younger than i am by a
year or two.like i said, he's a stalker, and a weirdo. He has mental issues(which i feel bad for him for that fact) and it runs through his family, so his father, and grandfather, have the same thing, its just he's much freakier than they are.
My cousin, who's pregnant now :)  , was walking up to my house from her car, and she said that he gave her a weird look, so now she wants him dead,her boyfriend(father of the baby),my uncle(he already scared the living crap out of him) and my boyfriend want him dead (he's really protective when it comes to my safety.) He isn't off to a good start in this neighborhood. even his own neighbors don't like him.

In school, at the moment, in ELA, we're Doing Romeo and Juliet, and its taking forever to do. -.-  We just finished To kill a mockingbird, a few weeks ago,but we never read the book all the way. Everyone kept complaining that it was boring and we stopped at chapter 6 or 7, and then just watched the movie.

Well that's what's been happening lately, so I'll try to update as much as possible, during the summer and after exams.

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