For the only reason why i haven't been on lately.. was because this week was...interesting..

My Grandmother went to the hospital again, she went because her eyes were all glassy and she was paler than usual and then the fact that she was having a hard time breathing,but they kept her from Monday(Aug 12th) till Sunday(Aug. 18th). Then on Friday(Aug 16th) she had surgery for the pacemaker,which would keep her heart in beat the right way,not too fast not too slow. and i hope it will stop the whole going back and forth from the hospital.

but this one was kinda scary for me because my grandfather Died about 10-11 years ago Aug 15,that day i couldn't stop crying,i told everyone to stay away from me,because i was worried i would also bring them down from my crying. but it was scary to me,because i was worried i would loose my grandmother that day as well,since he died in the hospital, and the day after i was even more worried and scared because of the surgery and how close it was to her heart i was worried they would mess up or do something wrong and it'll kill her. But luckily on Monday, my best friend/sister was with me for a few days,and we even went to the mall,but didn't buy anything because we were both broke,but i told my grandma of the sales there and she said i could go with Angel(my bestie/sissy) when she goes school shopping too :) and my cousin who is pregnant is getting on my nerves. she thinks she knows everything, she think that standing on my tip toes and wearing high heels(which are the only comfortable shoes, flats aren't comfortable in anyway), is bad for me, and that wearing skinny jeans make me look "trashy" and it causes an Yeast Infection! UGH! and she even thinks that she'll be taking me back to school shopping, but i asked grandma if i couldn't because i know that Marie wouldn't let me get any skinny jeans because of what she believes even though grandma lets me wear skinny jeans. i swear i wanna strangle her sometimes.She over exaggerates about everything! "oh i'm pregnant. oh i have to take collage classes.oh i'm on a stupid strict diet!"
that is why i want to strangle her so much.

well i guess that's all i have now. i guess all i had to do is get that out of my system,and I'm actually better now.its weird though....

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