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Around the world many families have just celebrated Easter and like so many other special occasions, families reunite and spend much needed time together. At least that is what we aim to do, but as hard as we try... Sometimes things do not always work out.

We are an example of one such family this year... After decades of celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and the like, this year we couldn't have been further apart. Well physically speaking that is... With Tanya away…


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Old Friends

There is never anything quite so wonderful, as catching up with old friends. If the friendship is true, then no amount of time apart will diminish it's value, or the excitement one feels when faced with the prospect of a reunion.

Like everyone I have friends, however... unlike everyone else, some of my friends are paintings. How do I explain that to you so that…


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An Angels Embrace

Softer than a summer breeze, with a touch like no other.

With a brilliance so blinding, each feathers caress so tender, so soft.

The warmth and reassurance of such an embrace, no words could describe.

It could only be heaven sent... Those are the wings of an Angel.

I knew from the moment our eyes met, from the first touch of our finger tips.…


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The Magical Gate

The musical sound of Katie and Garrett’s laughter drifted down into the studio, as I sat distracted for once, from my latest piece. Tanya’s exasperated, “Go away you two” instantly brought a smile to my face as Katie and Garrett made a hasty retreat from the kitchen giggling away like a couple of naughty children.

"My poor sister", my head shook as my smile…


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Our First Halloween in Forks!

Adding the finishing touches to my makeup I cannot hide my smile or excitement. "Are you ready Eleazar?" "I vant to suck your blood", replies my husband as he sweeps into the bathroom and theatrically drapes his cape clad arm across the lower half of his face. "Oh my", I giggle in response. "You look deliciously evil my dear husband.... and your fangs?", I raise a questioning eyebrow. "But of course my sweet", Eleazar drawls in his perfect Dracula impersonation, instantly flashing them…


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We have all heard the old saying of, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". But.. when you find that treasure, the one that makes you catch your breath or your heart skip a beat, (albeit, mine does not do that anymore, but you know what I mean) you cannot help but wonder why on earth someone would discard such a thing of beauty. Holding that particular piece in your hands, turning it around, over or both, inspecting it with a critical eye.. you cannot help but already imagine exactly…


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Garrett - Our latest victim.

Removing cartridges from pens, black tape stuck to the underside of the mouse, switching around the keys on the desktop computer, hiding the laptop, hiding Katie's shoes, switching Katie's make up... Taking Eleazar's car keys, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Tanya and I have done all of these pranks and so much more over the years. We did however draw the line at our families cars..... until now that is.

I don't know why I had never thought of it before but there it was.... a…


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La Vie En Rose

It is no secret that Paris holds a special place in my heart and as much as I love Denali and Forks, in my heart... I will always think of it as home. And as the afternoon grows late and the lights of the city begin to twinkle, I know of no other city where the light turns pink as it does in Paris.

It is the cobbled back streets that are my very favourite, the…


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If you google "snowflakes" this is the image you will see.

It is surely a thing of beauty and no two are the same as discovered by Wilson Bently in the 1800's, he loved winter and snowflakes so much so, that he took pictures of snowflakes under his microscope and made this remarkable discovery.

So as I said, "If you google "snowflake" images" that is what you…


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Chelsea... A Friend!

The heat from the afternoon sun hung like a heavy blanket, that was both intense and suffocating. None of this affected myself or the other inhabitants of the castle, but the town of Volterra itself had grown quiet with most of the humans enjoying their afternoon siesta.

The towns longest established cobbler had not gone home for lunch this day, but instead was snoring quietly as he reclined in his rocker. Protected from the sun's glare by the immense stone wall of his small store,…


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Once upon All Hallows Eve...

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,

Voices whisper in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!"

~Dexter Kozen


With the rising of the moon and the setting of the sun,

Best be on your guard now... as Halloween's just begun.

With the snap of a twig and the hoot of an owl,

Is that a child playing trick-or-treat..... or something more foul.


Everyone knows that it's just for a laugh,

but just to be safe.... better stick to the…


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Eleazars Baby

Thirty two days ago, I killed my husbands baby... when it comes down to it...there is really no other way to say it. His immaculate silver Audi R8 Spyder was forced from the road one typical wet Forks morning. Granted... there was an oncoming logging truck, in an out of control sideways slide that was taking every available inch of road. The likelihood of Katie & I walking away without raising serious suspicion was extremely low.... and therefore I made the only decision I could at the…


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Remembering Madelaine.

Everyone likes chocolate right? Well not everyone I'm afraid... I know I did once upon a time but that was 311 years ago and remembering human food is just not in the equasion of treasured memories... However as I strolled by the shop windows I caught sight of something that took me back in time the best part of 160 years. They were in the shape of tiny hearts, wrapped in foil and presented in an array of colours.…


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An Afternoon Together.

Curled up on the couch next to Eleazar, I couldn't help but smile to myself as more abuse was hurled at the tv. Who was playing that day? I didn't care to ask, but my husband sat nervously turning a hockey puck over & over in his hand as I continued to scroll through the countless images of gardens I had found online. Some of the images had been taken in the fall and the beautiful red and gold leaves of a stunning Japanese maple had caught my eye. The tree was not exceptionally big and I… Continue

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My Heart

He holds me close, he whispers my name
Resting my head on his shoulder
Feeling his touch on my skin, I close my eyes
He kisses my cheek, my eye's sting with tears that will never come

My heart hurts for the love that I feel
The hurt is my constant reminder of him
I hold it close, dare I should lose it!
But no matter the cost, I will pay the price
Freedom holds no peace, for he is not there
My heart is my prison.
His smile the only key.

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My Angel

I had never been so happy, I was engaged to be married and I could not stop smiling. We were living a very happy and quiet life in Vienna, we had just celebrated our first christmas alone together. And as I walked back through the quiet streets to our home I found myself humming as I admired my engagement ring. "You sound like a young woman in love" chimed the voice of my audience. Smiling to her I paused in my travels and responded, "Am I really that transparent?" Returning my smile the older… Continue

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In the blink of an eye.

Anna Morgan... A name I do not utter outloud, a name I can put a face to.  A name I will not forget so long as I exist.

I am not without guilt, I have fed on humans in my past and while it didn't feel right, I consoled myself with the fact that my victims were the trash of our society. I never knew any of their names nor anything more about them other than the evidence of their vile intentions towards me.  As they slumped to the ground, their life ended... I was quite often relieved… Continue

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The City Of Love.

Whilst standing back from the crowd admiriing one beautiful painting in particular, I couldn't help but overhear snippets of conversations no matter how hard I tried not to.. of course how could I not.

"Ughh, what was the artist thinking?" The gentleman's wife shook her head and moved toward the next painting, followed closely behind by her husband still muttering under his breath. Over in the corner two women were admiring a rather striking painting of the Eiffel Tower and a lovely… Continue

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Be In It.....

Child of My Heart.... Author Unknown

Not flesh of my flesh

Not bone of my bone

Yet still very much my own

Never forget

for one single minute

that you grew not under my heart

but in it.

Be in it Carmy, be in it.. laughing I had replied, "Oh you mean...Be in, so I can chase you". Her sweet little voice comes back to me as though it was just yesterday & not months ago. Every curl that framed her angelic face, perfectly preserved… Continue

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It's the last day on earth.

I have lived for over three centuries and yet at this moment, I feel as helpless and as hurt as any human may feel.

How many times can a heart break in the space of a breath.

"No Carmen,.... I'm sorry".... These are some of the last words I heard as my heart shattered, "I cannot come back".... I had never thought it was possible to hear my husband utter these words.

I didn't know what to say, let alone what to do, my whole world and everything I thought I knew… Continue

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