Removing cartridges from pens, black tape stuck to the underside of the mouse, switching around the keys on the desktop computer, hiding the laptop, hiding Katie's shoes, switching Katie's make up... Taking Eleazar's car keys, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Tanya and I have done all of these pranks and so much more over the years. We did however draw the line at our families cars..... until now that is.

I don't know why I had never thought of it before but there it was.... a bean bag. I had been out shopping and was pondering a situation outside Brooke's Furniture when Mr Brooke himself wandered out and greeted me. After exchanging pleasantries (he really is a lovely man) he had to gently shoo some youngsters off a bean bag. "Forgive me Mrs Martinez he apologized, but they tend to burst open if the kids jump on them". It must have been the dubious expression I wore.. (I am really not that fond of them so please do not tell Eleazar) because he started chuckling away and agreeing with my unspoken thoughts. "They are not my cup of tea either, truth be told... but all the kids love them, so what can I do?" giving a small shrug and smiling away as he always does... he picked up a stray bean off of the floor. "See, it is these things... they just go everywhere!" "I see your dilemma Mr Brooke's, I wish I had a solution for you but as you said, The kids just love them". I gave him what I hoped was my best "hang in there" smile and started on my way home.

That was how it all began and by the time I had reached home with a quick pit stop along the way (beans in hand of course *winks*) Of course Tanya was immediately on board and there we were leaning over the back of the front seats, pouring in bags of beans when who should catch us... Katie. Surprisingly, Katie after some gentle persuasion was in the car right along side us adding her share of the beans and before we knew it Garrett's precious chevy was full to the brim with those tiny white balls of trouble.

So here we are.... one week later and I have yet to be confronted. I am *smirks* old enough (a lady never divulges her age) that I should not be sneaking around my own home trying to avoid my brother... but there you have it. *laughs* Now wish me me luck!!

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Comment by Carmen Denali on July 22, 2012 at 4:06am
Oh dear sis... *smiles* Well Tanya and I will face Garrett together *winks* just as soon as soon as I find her.


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