After 124 years, I'm saddened to admit that I remained very un-educated in the ways of my world, of the ancient laws that existed. I had heard whispers of The Cloaked ones but nothing more. I had all but forgotten my dreams of painting as they lurked in the far corners of my murky human memories, though I did not recall these very often, as they left me nothing but the pain of what might have been. My days were consumed with thoughts of my death. I knew of pain and suffering, I was there for the French Revolution and for the Great Plague but Cortez was as greedy and obsessive as he was cruel and selfish when not under his ever watchful eye it was left to his brother Sanchez to be my keeper, I had tried to end my life on many occasion, but failed I therefore dismally existed.

It was during this time when orphans roamed the streets and human life was not valued as it should be that Cortez became more careless, he was intent on making more of our kind. I watched as the little ones writhered in pain in that same cold room I knew so well it was too much. I stopped feeding, I would do this for as long as I could though it made little difference.

Screaming at Cortez one evening of his cruelty sent him into a rage, "You wretch", he growled, "how dare you", I was thrown against the wall in one swift move, I recovered to defend myself but I was no match for Cortez, instead without so much as a second thought I jumped through the open window and fled. Once again I found myself running through empty streets. Eventually I stopped and sat down pondereing my eternal future, for Cortez's fate had finally caught up with him and subsequently doomed us all, sitting on top of that hill I noticed a dark plume of smoke rising up into the air and hanging over what I had knew beyond any doubt was my home. Before I could move or cry out for my brothers and sisters a voice sounded in the darkness, "There is nothing you can do for them Carmen", I sat shocked and unable to move, the owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows hidden beneath a long hooded cloak, I finally found my voice and feet, standing swiftly and whispering, "You are one of The Cloaked Ones", "Yes", came the quiet voice, within moments we were surrounded.

They all wore the the long hooded cloaks, "Eleazar, what is the meaning of this brother, she is one of them. Stepping forward and removing his cloak, I was awestruck by his beauty, his pale olive skn, the way his hair fell loosely over his eyes, the slight dimple when he moved his mouth to speak, my breath caught in my chest. I could not tear my eyes away from his face. Placing a hand on Eleazar's shoulder he waited for a response,
"Brother, "I sense she is not like them", Eleazar responded, "I see", came the response from the one Eleazar called Brother. He then stepped forward and held out his hand to me, hesitantly and after being reassured by the one called Eleazar I put my hand in his. After taking my hand he closed his eyes. What was he doing, I thought to myself, did he have powers, seemingly satisfied and seeing my innocence for himself he smiled in amusement, "interesting", was his immediate response. Still holding my hand, he spoke one last time, "You may have realised by now Carmen, we have been watching your family, you are most fortunate to escape their fate". For reasons unknown to me at that second I was thankfully spared, and I for the first time in my existence was grateful, the instructions were given, keep her close Eleazar, I can see you have an interest in her. He swiftly turned & said "come it is time to return, our work here is done".

Everyone quietly dispersed while I stood there for what seemed like an eternity when Eleazar took my hand in his. "My sweet Carmen I have watched and waited for you", he smiled. "Come", with those few words my life was changed forever where I thought death was inevitable. A new life was born, the warmth of his hand in mine gave me a comfort and filled an emptiness I thought was impossible. My name Carmencita means song, but for the first time in my entire existence I felt that if it could My heart would sing.

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Comment by Carmen Denali on April 30, 2010 at 1:11pm
I share that sentiment completely Mi Amor, I honestly do not know, what I would do without you.

With all my heart
Comment by Carmen Denali on April 30, 2010 at 1:06pm
*smiles* Thank you Stefan, thats very kind of you.



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