It was December, winter was settling in and I was in my favourite place the study, this could have been any other day but it was not, I heard voices coming down the hallway and one of them casused my heart to stop, suddenly I was thirteen years old again and all I wanted to do was hide, slipping out onto the terrace, I watched as he entered the room followed by my dear family, there he was the man who killed my beloved madre. How could this be happening, how could he be here, silent tears slipped down my cheeks a sob threatening to escape my chest, my whole world was plunged into nothingness once more.

Suddenly I was running through cobblestone streets for what surely must have been hours. I sobbed uncontrollably and I felt as lost as I did when I was that little 13 year old girl running away from her demon. After a while I came across what appeared to be a tavern a small group of people huddled in the doorway, uncertain of what to do, I started to turn when a voice stopped me in my tracks, it was as smooth as honey and it belonged to the most handsome man my young eyes had ever looked upon. The rest of the group dispersed and we were left there alone. Hola mi dama he said, you shouldn't be here on your own, I am Cortez La Miaziana, can I have the honour of your name, Carmencita I said, as he reached for my hand and bringing it to his lips, Bello! Such a lovely name he said, smiling. My heart was racing yet I was frozen in place as he stepped closer and his face was inches from my own. I felt his hand close gently around the back of my neck and the last thing I heard was, Mi dama, I will call you Carmen.

The paiin was excruciating, a pain I could never imagine possible, my entire body was on fire an endless burning fire, for a moment, I would emerge from my hell only to be dragged back again, it was as though time itself had ceased to exist.

Eventually though, the burning stopped and I emerged from my personal hell, as I did I couldn't help but notice the extraordinary changes within my self, my eyesight and my sense of smell were the first things I noticed, I could smell everything from the dust on the floor to the vermin that crawled in the hidden crevices, and to my amazement I could hear them also. From my huddled position in the corner, I noticed the open door, without any conscious effort, I had risen, crossed the floor and I was out the door, where I was met by a woman with beautiful long blonde hair and shimmering skin, before I knew what was happening, with my own ears I could hear a low growl escape my lips, Completely unfuffled she smiled sweetly and said, Ah Carmen, I am Amelia, and Cortez will be so pleased to know you are finally awake. I followed Amelia down a passage and into a room where he stood, Carmen he exclaimed, my diamond in the rough, you are perfect, I was no longer afraid of him so I raised an eyebrow and replied coldlly, Cortez, he smiled and walked toward me smiling, he lowered his lips to mine, brushing his marbled finish, against my cold skin, which surprisingly felt warm and alive.

Stepping back, slightly his eyes never leaving mine, he smiled once again, and uttering the words, Usteel es ahora el mio, I closed my eyes and my heart, knowing my life may never be my own again.

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Comment by Carmen Denali on March 30, 2010 at 3:08am
Thank you Vicky,
I am indeed lucky to have my happy ending, when so many do not.

Comment by Vicky on March 29, 2010 at 5:51pm
Carmen that was definitely a turning point in your life, but I am glad that you now have Eleazar to make you happy!
Comment by Carmen Denali on March 27, 2010 at 7:14am
I know Mi Amor, your support and strength gives me the courage to speak from the heart, without you, I would be lost

Siempre mi amor


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