Anna Morgan... A name I do not utter outloud, a name I can put a face to.  A name I will not forget so long as I exist.

I am not without guilt, I have fed on humans in my past and while it didn't feel right, I consoled myself with the fact that my victims were the trash of our society. I never knew any of their names nor anything more about them other than the evidence of their vile intentions towards me.  As they slumped to the ground, their life ended... I was quite often relieved when I thought of any future victims I had just saved.

Anna however was not the trash of our society, obnoxious and rude yes... definately, I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever at how much she must have pushed Eleazar before he snapped. I can only imagine how he fought his anger and his hunger. Did she deserve to die though? No she didn't. Do I blame my husband? No I don't.... you might very well ask, "Well why not?* We didn't ask for this life, yet here we are and our sole craving is for blood.... human blood. It's something you fight and are always mindful of, and a few of us persevere with our unusual diet of animals blood instead. Tragically though, the moment Anna's blood touched my husbands lips, there was no going back or stopping what he had started. After so long of denying himself, he would never have found the strength. We all have our crosses to bear in life and this is ours, our curse. Do I blame Anna? *sighs, shaking my head* No I don't, but I wish in vain that I had been able to prevent that days outcome. The loss of an innocent leaves a mark. It will neither fade nor wash away, her memory will always be with me.

I will always regret not being there to prevent this, for both my husband's and Anna's sake. In the blink of an eye her life was over and with it all her hopes and dreams, maybe not as tragic but equally as sad as her passing is the fact that nobody ever came looking, but I will remember. I will always remember.

The midnight sky is as black as velvet and the stars my only companions, the blackened earth is all that remains of Anna's final place, her ashes have long since scattered to the winds and I pray that her soul is free. The small wild flowers from home may seem a touch out of place, but the forest guards her secret well.

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