Everyone likes chocolate right? Well not everyone I'm afraid... I know I did once upon a time but that was 311 years ago and remembering human food is just not in the equasion of treasured memories... However as I strolled by the shop windows I caught sight of something that took me back in time the best part of 160 years. They were in the shape of tiny hearts, wrapped in foil and presented in an array of colours.

Madelaine was the sweetest soul that I had met in Vienna and she was doing me the most incredible honour of making my wedding dress, and somehow until this very afternoon I had managed to sidestep my way around every offer of afternoon or morning tea. We had completed various fitting sessions and it had become inceedingly hard to not appear rude.

As per our normal routine I was ushered into Madelaine's comfortable sewing room where I was then confronted with a plate of the most exquisite looking chocolates.... accompanied by a pot of tea, which Madelaine bless her soul proceeded to pour for us both once we were seated. "No excuses this afternoon dear Carmen", she smiled away at me. Resigning to my fate I hopefully managed the most genuine of smiles and gently lifted the delicate china cup and saucer before taking a sip and swallowing it. I had never before been in such a position where I had to consume human food and as I began to slowly drink the cup of tea I silently prayed that I would not be faced with such a scenario in the near future. If I thought the tea was an ordeal I was soon to be in for a real treat, when I had to feign enthusiasm at the heart shaped chocolates that were now on offer. In total I managed 3 chocolates that afternoon as well as 2 cups of tea, all the while thinking that dirt itself would not taste this vile.

Thankfully there were no other chocolates during our remaining fitting sessions, sadly though I did have to suffer a few more cups of tea. A year or so after our wedding I sold a particular piece and purchased my old friend some of her favourite confectionery. To this day I cannot look at chocolates without thinking of Madelaine... I was fortunate enough to stay friends with Madelaine till her passing and she is someone I have always missed.

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Comment by Carmen Denali on March 26, 2013 at 4:41am


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