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Nahuel's diary #5: Swimming, visiting the animals and shopping with my aunt Huilen

Since auntie Huilen got back home, my life has completely changed. None of the days are spent useless. Every day we do something new and special... something funny and awesome.

For the last three days we did so many incredible things that I even can't grasp how have they passed so quickly!

After a few days that she was here, we decided to spend the day swimming in the beautiful river a few miles away from our house. I got up in the morning, auntie made a breakfast for me… Continue

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"Life is never easy for those who dream" - Robert James Waller

Life is a very complicated word that has a lot of definitions. But then again...there is not one single definition.

We all understand it in different ways... we all live it in a different ways... our ways... easy ways. How we like it!

We all love to dream... and so do I. But a man once said, "Life is never easy for those who dream!" His name was Robert James Waller and it turned out that he was right. It is not bad to dream. After all, it is good to have your own dreams.… Continue

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Nahuel's diary #3: Hunting

Today was our first hunt together since aunt Huilen is back. I missed hunting with her so so much!

She is fast and a great hunter!

Hunting with her is the only time I hunt humans. I usually eat human food, and also, I hunt from time to time, but only animals. Human blood gives me a special strength and feeling. It's healthy for my body, but when I hunt alone I'm not in the mood for fighting outside the wood.

Considering the fact that I haven't tasted human blood… Continue

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Nahuel's diary #4: Cleaning

Having my Aunt Huilen back is a real blessing.

Well... almost everything is a blessing... besides some things. Like, mopping, for example.

While my Aunt Huilen was gone, I didn't do much cleaning. Usually, when she goes from home, at least 10 years pass before she comes back. And, plus, I was so depressed that I didn't have any will to clean.

There are a lot of reasons why I didn't clean, but lazines and not expecting my aunt's return were probably the most… Continue

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Nahuel's diary #2: Aunt Huilen is back!

Yeah, you read it good! Aunt Huilen is back! It's very hard for me to believe it, but yes, she came back home... she came back yesterday evening. I was already asleep when I heard someone in our backyard. I wasn't in the mood for getting out of bed, but when someone slapped me right into my face, I knew she is back!

I missed her hugs and kisses! I missed her being here! And I'm finally happy now!

What was the real reason for her return home? I still don't know. I didn't… Continue

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Nickelback - This afternoon

This is my favourite song at the moment. It cheers me up and gives me the strength to go on...

Nickelback - This afternoon

Oh, looking like another Bob Marley day

Hitting from the bong like a diesel train

And now we're hanging out this afternoon

We got weeds in the backyard, four feet tall

Cheech and Chong probably…

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Nahuel's diary #1

It is very weird how life can be happy and sad at the same time. It can go in a good direction, but in just a second it can go in the wrong direction. You think everything is going well, but at some point your whole world crashes down. Like mine.

One of my reasons for being is my aunt Huilen. She is all I have, besides my friends, but she is the only that keeps me alive. I love her so much. She’s like a mother to me. She is a great auntie and she always takes care that I have… Continue

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My birthday party

My birthday was on July 31st.

For the last fifty years I haven't been celebrating by birthday cause my auntie wasn't around here so I was on my own with animals in the wood. So, occasionaly, I would treat myself with a human or two, but this year it was different... a lot different.

This year my aunt decides to come home about a month before my birthday and she was doing a little surprise party for me behind my back. Honestly, I don't like when someone is doing something… Continue

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Going back into the society

For the past 6 months I was alone, hidding deep in the wood trying to figure out what's wrong with me.

My aunt keeps going away... in the past few years she's left home few times.

Is it my fault?

I'm keep thinking that she isn't happy. I took her freedom away by biting her. Maybe she wants to be around people more. Maybe she needs more company than just me.

I know she likes traveling. And I know that she likes visiting our other friends all over the world.… Continue

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We're coming home...

I think I still haven't got over my first shock... Yeah, I still can't believe she is back... but she is. And she is right here, next to me, telling me stories and hugging me again, as it always used to be.

Auntie Huilen was in Africa. She visited there her old friends and she was learning more about some different cultures. Like she always says: „It's never enough of learning!“

She is happy! Finally, she really is happy! She brought me a loooot of presents! She brought a… Continue

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Guys, she is back, auntie Huilen is back!

Can you believe this?!?!?!? I can't!!!!! But I am sooo happy!!!!!

While Seth and Leah were sleeping in their bedrooms, I was walking around the living room thinking about some stuff. But, suddenly, I heard my phone vibrating in the kitchen. I was shocked... Who could possibly need me during the night?

I went to the kitchen. I took my phone and looked at it. I felt frozen. The message from aunt Huilen:

Hi my dear boy...I'm back home!! I can't wait to see you my… Continue

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Oh man, that's XBOX!!!!!

One evening, while Seth was patrolling, I got an invitation from Peter to come to his cabin to visit him and his fiancee, Charlotte. Considering that Seth and Leah are patrolling, the house is empty and I have nothing else to do, I accepted Peter's invitation. Besides, I haven't seen Peter and Charly for a long time.

So I took a shower and a few minutes before I went to Peter and Charly, I texted Peter that I'm coming. Well... that's pretty much how the funny evening has… Continue

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My three sisters

Yeah... I was never an only child... I had three sisters. But it's more like, I don't have them... They are big, evil creatures that is a product of my father... A father that made them cold murderers and unsensitive vampires.

They all are younger than me. They were born with the same purpose as I was - to kill other people and make new kind of vampires - those vampires who's only job is to kill people and make this world a world of Vampires.

All three of them kill with no… Continue

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Happy New Year!

La Push Beach...

Humans, werevolves, half-vampire...

Beautiful fireworks, great music, incredible food, excellent company = AWSOME TIME!


Dancing, singing and laughing around the fire and great stories....


Another year is behind us.

And although some of us are very very old. You might even say antique... We still know how to make an awsome party and have hell… Continue

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Christmas holidays with the Clearwater's and the La Push families

When I was at Rosalie and Emmett's wedding, two amazing things happened for me.

First, I saw baby Ayasha for the first time;

Second, my dear friend Seth Clearwater asked me to spend Christmas holidays at his house with his family.

Of course, I accepted the invitation.

We had an awsome time!

A few days before Christmas Eve we went swimming. We were cliff diving with members of the pack (Brady, Sam, Paul, Collin, Jared and Jake.) We spent a lot of… Continue

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Baby Ayasha

While Emily was pregnant, I wasn't thinking about whether it would be a boy or a girl or what the baby was going to look like. I was however wondering if Sea Monkey (as Sam and Emily had named the baby bump) was going to like me.

When I got the invitation for Rosalie and Emmett's wedding, I didn't have in mind that Emily and Sam's baby would already born. I arrived at the ceremony and I sat next to Rebecca. It was nice to see my dear friend so lovely and beautiful; as she always… Continue

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My first Christmas

I still remember my first Christmas... although it was 150 years ago... and although I was just a kid... I remember it as it was yesterday.

I was only 5 months old. But I was already like a 7 year old child... my aunt wanted to be sure that this will be the Christmas that I will remember forever... and she sure did it like nobody else...

She took a big, green tree from the woods... it was almost perfect... although, I still think she took a little bit too big, cause… Continue

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"I'm walking around alone in the dark... I'm lost... I'm not feeling comfortable... my senses are really beyond everything... beyond expected... beyond something that no one can even imagine... but they are useless now... I'm scared... I'm really, really scared. My heart is beating fast... the blood is running through my veins faster then ever... my muscles are not even close to something that's called "relaxed"... my eyes are burning from dark shadows and cold... I can't walk anymore... I… Continue

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A girl that I remember

I think my aunt always looked at me as her little boy... she never thought that I'll grow up so fast... but, hey, I'll always be her little boy... she'll just maybe have to share me with someone else too...

So, we live deep in the woods where no one can find us... cause, considering that aunt is a vampire, she sparkles a lot on the sun...

So I don't go out with her a lot outside of the wood... but she used to take me outside during the nights... so when I grew up, I knew… Continue

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A long time ago...

It was right after I thought I learned everything about my life in the jungle... or I just wanted to travel and visit my old friends... I can really remember the right reason...

I came to my aunt and I told her that I need to go... that I need to leave... I definitely needed some space. Some time for myself... and I decided I'll visit my friends around the world and learn about other vampires... about the creatures like my aunt is.

So I left... I broke her heart by leaving… Continue

Added by Nahuel on December 8, 2009 at 10:51am — 1 Comment


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