Yeah... I was never an only child... I had three sisters. But it's more like, I don't have them... They are big, evil creatures that is a product of my father... A father that made them cold murderers and unsensitive vampires.

They all are younger than me. They were born with the same purpose as I was - to kill other people and make new kind of vampires - those vampires who's only job is to kill people and make this world a world of Vampires.

All three of them kill with no mercy... They kill men, women, kids... Innocent and quiet people. Time, place and cause are not important. The only important thing is to suck the life together with their blood out of people.

My father asked me to join them... I also met them. The only thing they have ever met is blood.

I have never approved that type of living... I am used to live together with people and with vampires. They don't deserve to be treated on that way. Without humans, our balance in the world wouldn't be good... and I don't think this is the right way of proving your power as a vampire.

So I refused to join them.

At the beginning, my father was angry... I was his only son and he thought my behavior doesn't consist to one vampire. He refused to believe in what I believe. He refused to accept humans existance. He refused to accept anything out of his beliefs.... different ways of thinking and accepting the world.

He was dissapointed with his son... and he never really accepted my thoughts and beliefs... but he also left a note:

"You can join me and your sisters anytime you want, my son."

My sisters live on his ideas and his way of living... and I don't accuse them for their behavior... I don't think it's thier fault... and I never will. They know only for that kind of life cause they are raised on that way.

I only wish they knew of other ways of life which are much better... maybe they would like it more and maybe, I would have sisters, after all.

Sisters that I'm not ashamed off.

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Comment by Angel O' Connor on August 2, 2010 at 5:21am
Question!!! Who are your sisters??Like who they are and what are their names??
Comment by Nahuel on January 7, 2010 at 12:55am
Esme, thank you very much on this kind words.
I was honored that I could go and help in saving Renesmee... after all, she is my friend like you all are and I would never miss a chance to help a friend in trouble.
And, yes, I hope that some day I'll get a chance to have a better relationship with my sisters, although I doubt that it will ever happen with my father.
Have a great day Esme! Take care too.



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