My mother, Pire, used to call him "dark angel" His name is Joham. He is a Libishomen, or Vampire. He lived in the woods close to us. When he found out that she is pregnant, he just left her alone..

A few years after I was born, he came to look for me. He wanted me to join him. Joham, my father, believes he is creating a super-race with Vampire-Human children. He told me I am his only son and that he has three other Vampire-Human daughters, and he raised them to think of humans as animals - he says: "We can only live from human blood and they are lower creatures from us. They serve as food for us." And they really treat humans like that. It's just so sad..

I did not like my father and I refused to join him, as I already have a family with my aunt, Huilen.

I was very sad about my family. I mean, I was happy to have Hulien. She was absolutely the person that gave me a chance to live. But I thought my father should be a better person and that my mother deserved life. I can not believe that my mother is dead because of a man like him. But then again, something came into my head - I also saw myself as an evil creation because my birth killed my mother.

I needed a long time to think. I stayed with my aunt for a few years more and then I decided to go on a trip, far away from home, to think about my life... About my purpose and about some acts that I have done as a child. I went to travel around the world and I met a lot of other Vampires... I met a lot of tribes... I was listening about their life and their obligations. They made me think... think... and think some more...

Then I realized...

"There wouldn't be any purpose in that if I die now... Then my mother died for nothing... I will ruin her name and feelings and my memory of her. I need to be a son like she always wanted and a son with which she would love and give her soul for him."

And with that, I started to go back home with a smile on my face...

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Comment by Nahuel on November 3, 2009 at 3:46am
Wow Kim,

thank you very much... I really appreciate your opinion... I wanna be the best son that my mother could ever get and I wanna be her proud, so I hope she would be proud of me if she is alive.
Thank you once again!

Love, Naz


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