My aunt Huilen... What do I need to tell you about her? She is the most amazing aunt one can ever ask for! I am so thankful and greatful for her love. From the minute I was turned, she was like a mother to me. She gave her life for me and my mother Pire, who died right after my birth, and I will always appreciate that.

As I was growing up, she taught me everything that normal kids are learning. She was always very surprised with how fast I can learn and how fast I'm becoming a grown up man. She fed me with blood, but she also tried to convince me to eat some human food, which, I actually didn't want to eat – except fruits.

She is a very good lady and a great person... We visited a lot of places in the world together and we met many tribes in South America. She taught me how to know in which way I'm moving in the woods, showed me how to survive on places where there's no people or animals. She also made a school for me – every day she made me sit on the floor and learn letters, some things from history and some other languages. I always loved to learn different new things... I always loved visiting new places.

So when I was about 130 years old, I decided to go on a trip around the world... by myself. For the first time by myself. I needed some time to think about my life, our life, to think about some things which happened. I also wanted to visit some of our friends who are all around the world... our vampire frineds. So I started my big journey. I went to Australia, Europe and United States. I visited almost all of my friends, I spent more time with some of them then with the others. But I came back home after 20 years.

When I came back, I wasn't even a day older then I was when I was going from home 20 years ago. I missed my aunt very much and I decided to come back. When I saw her, it was like I saw a sun after thousands years of dark. She was crying and she was so happy. She made our permanent home in South America in Chile... Deep in the woods she built a cottage and made it for living. Finally, I was at home. And it's true what humans say: „Home, sweet home.“

Finally, me and my aunt Huilen had some time to spend it together. She wanted to hear all about my travelling and everything about our friends. She was so happy for me. And she was so happy that I'm finally at home. We lived like in old times... Like in times when I was a kid – we were hounting together, we were taking care of our house together, we were taking care of the nature around our home together, we were swimming together... I finally felt so full... so completed.

But, about a week ago, she left me like I left her 30 years ago. She said she needs to spend some time alone. She needs some time to think and she also wants to visit our African friends cause she likes flowers very much and she wanted to see some of their new flowers. So, now, I'm stucked alone in our home, watching the old pictures and smelling the last pieces of furniture that smells like her, while she is travelling to Africa and to the other parts of the world. But, like she supported me when I needed some time for myself, I'm also supporting her now. I just miss her very much and I hope she'll be back soon! At least, in the next 10 years or less, I hope.

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Comment by Jacqui on October 28, 2009 at 1:54am
Hi Nahuel,

Your aunt will come home soon -smiles- in the mean time you should travel some more or maybe start a project to keep you occupied! Maybe like extending the cottage, or landscaping a beuatiful garden just for Huilen, I think she would like that alot.

Comment by Nahuel on October 25, 2009 at 12:14pm
I will -smiles- thanks -winks-
Comment by Nahuel on October 24, 2009 at 8:41am
Thank you Kim soo much...

I hope she'll be back soon -winks-
I'll try to come and visit you -smiles-



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