Peter and Charlotte's Visit to South America

From September 29th till October 2nd me and my aunt Huilen had visitors. Peter and Charlotte visited us at our home in South America. It was a great honor for us to get to know them better with the territory where we live.

Me and aunt Huilen waited for them at the airport in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil. They arrived just in time and our trip began.

First stop was Rio de Janeiro, beautiful big city on the coast of Brasil. We went on one beach for a few hours and then we started to drive to the south to border of Brasil and Argentina. There we stoped to see Cataratas de Iguazu, waterfalls. We took some pictures and moved on. Our next desintation was Chiloe, town on the sea on the south of Chile. After that, we continued to drive on the north of the Chile. We decided to hunt before we reached our next stop, the Atacama Desert. We stayes for awhile and took really awsome pictures. We continued to drive and visited Valle de la Luna and Rapa nui Island, both of which are also in Chile. Then came the long drive to Peru and visited there two old towns: Cuzco and Machu Pichu. After taking a loooots of pictures, me and aunt Huilen took them to the airport in Peru.

We had awsomeee time and aunt Huilen and I are very happy that Peter and Charlotte visited us. Here are some of the pictures and we hope that they will visit us again!

me and aunt Huilen on the airport in Rio de Janeiro

the beach in Rio de Janeiro

Caratas de Iguazu (border of Brasil and Argentina)

Chiloe – town on the sea in Chile

Atacama Desert (Chile)

Valle de la Luna (Chile)

More Valle de la Luna

Rapa nui Island (Chile)

More Rapa nui Island

Cuzco (Peru)

Charlotte, Peter and me on the ruins of Cuzco

Machu Pichu (Peru)

And Machu Pichu again

Please, feel free to visit me and aunt Huilen any time!

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Comment by Nahuel on October 13, 2009 at 2:51am
hey no problems Peter! I'm looking forward to see you again!


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