Lots of woods... empty meadows... long rivers... lots of animals... lots of different fruits... lots of different animals... no people....


Our cottage in the middle of the wood, the is so much space for running... playing... hunting... I would never change it...

Wherever you look you can see fruit... a lot of different fruits: peaches, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, grapes, watermelons, apricots, coconuts,... a lot of flowers. Everything smells so sweet and fresh.

Mornings are bright and long, the sun is up early and it's there almost for the whole day. It brings about speciall memories about my childhood. The days when I was a big challenge for my aunt Huilen, who was trying hard to raise me like a normal kid. But I was different; growing faster then the others, learning different than the others. It brings speciall memories about the times when we used to play, play and play...

A few miles down the cottage is the river, it is a big river, which leads into the ocean. We used to swim there. I still swim there every day; it's nice and warm and it always make me laugh. The water flowing gently across my body relaxes me. It' always makes me feel better.

The woods and trees are awsome; big and fat trees, which are excellent for climbing.

Although I'm 150 years old, my aunt says I'm still like a child; I always jump around and I act like a kid. I make jokes and play around. But hey, I gotta do something, I gotta make some fun for me...

Now, when aunt Huilen is gone, sometimes I'm really lonely, but I always find something to do; maybe I'll go to visit some of my friends

Maaah naaah.... I'm enjoying some time alone and I get to think about everything. Maybe this won't be soo bad... or it maybe will be? Maah noo... she'll be back soon.


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Comment by Nahuel on November 16, 2009 at 5:13am
Marianne - yeah it really i beautifull... you can't believe it untill you see it -smiles-

Emily! -laughs- well, I'm sure I'll come to visit you veeery veeery soon... although when your baby grows up little you can come here with him... it's really nice and peacefull place and he would have a lot of fun -smiles-

xxxxxxxxxx girls

Comment by Nahuel on November 15, 2009 at 3:19pm
Oooh Tia that would be awsome! -smiles-
I'm looking forward to that! Things are okay...
Hope you are okay too -winks-

Comment by Nahuel on November 15, 2009 at 3:04pm
hey... it is the most beautifull place in the world...

it's in South America, in Chile -smiles-


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