I was a complicated baby. Ever since I was born I was learning and growing fast. Considering that my mother died during my birth, my aunt Huilen had a lot of work with me. She was trying to get as much pictures as she can but that was very hard.

When I noticed that our house is in a little mess (okay I noticed that, like, a few weeks ago) I started to clean up. Then, I saw something that distracted me - a bunch of pictures were laying down on one shelf and everybody forgot about them... But actually, they are the result of a something big my aunt was working on.

They are pictures of me as a baby… As I was growing up. I took them in my hands and I started to look at them... Memories came on the mind immediately... I couldn't believe how many years have passed since I was a baby... After 6 whole years, I am already an adult... I already knew a lot of stuff... Experienced a lot.. I was a grown up man, so it was hard to take a pictures of my as a little baby.

Now, when I am watching these pictures I am saying to myself: "Yeah you are a big man. And big men don't show their tears." I will ever be so grateful for my aunt for taking the time and trying her best to captures the littlest moment of my life that she knew will be memorable when I grow up.

This was very emotional for me, so I decided to stick some of those pictures on a special piece of paper and put it on a wall.

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Comment by Nahuel on November 27, 2009 at 2:21am
Yeah thank you! And I am sure you'll gonna run like crazy around your baby trying to take some photos -laughs-
Comment by Nahuel on November 26, 2009 at 6:33am
-laughs- thank you... my aunt says the same thing -smiles-


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