Seth and Rosalie came to visit me to my jungle!

I was walking around one time and thought that a good company would be nice to have. I picked up a rock from the ground and I threw it into water.

While I was watching at the bubbles made by the rock, an idea passed through my mind. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed very familiar number... my best werewolf friend's voice answered: "Naz, hey man!". Seth was very happy to hear from me and I invited him to come and visit me here in my home, my jungle. He was absolutely delighted with my invitation... But, he had someone with him... Rosalie Hale. When I called him, they were driving in the car together. So, I said, what the heck, I want them both here (although I wasn't so sure for, always cold, blonde lady).

The next day I picked them up at the airport and I took them to my house. I was happy to see them, although, at the beginning they both seemed very upset, or, maybe, not so calm.

As the days were passed by, Seth and I had as awesome time. We were swimming together, jumping around, cliff diving, eating fruits and, with a few simple words, someone else was a big baby with me. Finally, I felt like I'm having a great time, and, for the first time after my aunt left, I felt like I'm having a real fun and I was happy that my werewolf friend was here.

During the whole time, Rosalie was alone... Walking around... Staying separated from us. While we were sleeping, she was in the house watching out... And during the days when we were awake, she was outside letting us boys to have fun and doing ridiculous things. But there was only one thing that been torturing me - why are Seth and Rosalie traveling together?

Then, Seth told me the whole story about the fight between Rosalie and the rest of the Cullen family. I felt pretty bad, but I also thought that I need to do something. Without thinking, I picked up a phone and called Emmett. Ugh.... Extra big mistake! I didn't realize that at the beginning... I realized that when Rosalie did something EXTRA UNUSUAL for her... Just before she left, she hugged Seth and me. At that point, I knew I made a big mistake and that I hurt her. Maybe it's not me, but she definetly needed some time off... Without Emmett or any the Cullens... But for me, it was just... Not imaginable to think about Rosalie without Emmett, or Emmett without Rosalie.

Seth stayed for a few days more. We had a blast! It was the time of my life! Definitely! But, then, Seth got a phone call from LaPush about Emily's Baby Shower... So he had to go.... They were waiting for him. I didn't want to stop him. I knew that it was his obligation and that I'll only make it harder if I try to stop him. So I let him go home, although I stayed alone... Again... All alone in my jungle... With memories of the good times....

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Comment by Nahuel on December 2, 2009 at 12:20pm
Thanks Pete!!!! Oooh that sounds awsomee!!! Yeah, I was thinking about coming to Forks and visit my friends! Well, I definetly keep you posted about my plans! Thanks for the invitation man!
Comment by Nahuel on December 1, 2009 at 12:29pm
Hey Rose, don't worry.... I was happy that I can help! Anytime! -smiles-
Comment by Nahuel on December 1, 2009 at 11:20am
hey Sethy, I'm so happy that you had a great time... I was happy that someone came here and acted like a baby with me -laughs-

Oh Emily don't worry... your baby shower was very important to all of us... I know it was a special thing for you and La Push, so don't worry... -smiles-
And, yes, I'm sure I'll visit you in La Push soon -smiles-


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