It was right after I thought I learned everything about my life in the jungle... or I just wanted to travel and visit my old friends... I can really remember the right reason...

I came to my aunt and I told her that I need to go... that I need to leave... I definitely needed some space. Some time for myself... and I decided I'll visit my friends around the world and learn about other vampires... about the creatures like my aunt is.

So I left... I broke her heart by leaving her alone... although she was telling me that my decision is right and that I should travel around by myself to see the world and to learn how to live without her... she knew I'll be back... she just didn't think I'll be out for such a long time.

So I started my journey... I felt like I needed a change... I visited my friends on every continent... I met a lot of new tribes... I met a lot of new people and made a lot of friends...

One day, while I was in Africa, I saw a mother and a child running around and playing... Instantly, memories just started to fill my head and my heart... I remembered every day with my aunt... her effort to make me happy... our games... growing up... becoming a man... I felt tears in my eyes...

I stopped for a moment and told myself: "Men don't cry Nazzy... and you're a big man!".

I wipped off my eyes and my legs began walking without me thinking... they already knew where to go...

They were taking me home... to my sweet sweet home... to my aunt Huilen...

I actually didn't regret leaving home... I learned a lot of new things... I just regreted that I left my aunt there all by herself... alone...

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Comment by Nahuel on December 9, 2009 at 1:13am
Emily, you really always know how to cheer me up and to show me how my life isn't so bad... and that everything has it's own purpose... thank you for that -smiles- I'm sure my aunt will be delighted when she'll meet you -smiles-


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