I think my aunt always looked at me as her little boy... she never thought that I'll grow up so fast... but, hey, I'll always be her little boy... she'll just maybe have to share me with someone else too...

So, we live deep in the woods where no one can find us... cause, considering that aunt is a vampire, she sparkles a lot on the sun...

So I don't go out with her a lot outside of the wood... but she used to take me outside during the nights... so when I grew up, I knew the way pretty much by myself...

So, one boring, hot day, when my aunt needed to stay in our cottage, I decided to go out for a bit... look for a river and have a nice swim... so I got out of our cottage and ran into the wood...

When I came out on a wide, open, area I saw a nice, round river down the mountain... so I started to go towards it, walking slowly and looking around... I don't think I have even been there before that time... finally, I came closer... but then, suddenly, that shiny thing just splashed my eyes and I hid.

That creature looked absolutely beautiful... amazing... I supposed she is a human... her long hair was falling down her back.... her skin was beautiful and not so pale... her face was almost perfect...

I was slowing walking out of the tree shadow... she looked at me and smiled... I felt awsome... I said "Hi"... she replied... her voice was like a voice of a godess... we talked... and talked... and talked... hours passed... suddenly, like in a second, it was dark... it was night... she needed to go... I needed to go... I wanted to see her again...

As we were walking off in different directions, I was thinking how I'll see her tumorrow again... I was running home wispering...

When I came home, my aun saw that I seem different... I had a smile from ear to ear... I didn't tell her what happened... I just told her I'm tired and I went to bed... I slept like never before...

I woke up happy... and then, suddenly, a wave of healty mind crossed over my mind... I DIDN'T TAKE HER PHONE NUMBER... I DIDN'T EVEN ASK WHAT HER NAME IS!!!!!

I went to that place every day... again and again... she never came back...

This is how my first love has came and gone...

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Comment by Nahuel on December 9, 2009 at 1:11am
Emily - that's very very sweet of you and thank you very much... when I see you and Sam, I always remember of that, cause the two of you are so cute -smiles-

Peter, -laughs hard- yeah true, but I'm sure I'll ask for an advice from you when that happens!

Embry - I'm sure you'll feel the same way when you find the right girl -smiles.


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