I think I still haven't got over my first shock... Yeah, I still can't believe she is back... but she is. And she is right here, next to me, telling me stories and hugging me again, as it always used to be.

Auntie Huilen was in Africa. She visited there her old friends and she was learning more about some different cultures. Like she always says: „It's never enough of learning!“

She is happy! Finally, she really is happy! She brought me a loooot of presents! She brought a lot of presents for all of my friends too!

But, presents are not the best part of her returning (okay, they are almost the best part –laughs-), but finally she is here and I can talk to her about everything and, the best part of that is that my family is here. I don't miss a thing. I am complete... for now.

When I saw her for the first time after she was back I couldn't believe my eyes. But a strong feeling of happniess has gone through my body and I felt like a newborn again. I knew she is finally back, and I felt safe.

Because, she brings my mother with her where ever she is... when I see her, it's like I see my mother. When I feel her touch it's like I'm feeling a touch of my mother. When I feel her breathing it feels like my mother breathing. Having her back is like having my mother with me.

And, we decided to go back home... home to South America.

And, although it means to leave La Push, I'll always have my great memories from La Push and friends from there will always be very welcoming in my home... actually, in our home. In our jungle!

I love my aunt and I hope she will never go away again!

Auntie, thank you for coming back! My words can't explain how much I love you. Thank you!

(And, dear auntie, please don't spank me when you see the house... I've really been trying to keep it clean. I think we have some bugs who are always making a big mess around!)

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Comment by Sue Clearwater on January 19, 2010 at 4:07am
Dear Nazzy,
I am so very happy for you, you have your family back and that is everything, we will miss you so very much at home, it won't be the same without you, but your happiness means more, know that we're always here for you!


Comment by Nahuel on January 18, 2010 at 11:41am
Maggie and Liam, I want to say thank you to both of you!

Yeah it's hard when someone from the family is missing... it was like a part of my sould it somewhere else... and I'm sure you both know how much it means to have your family by your side.

I wish you all the best and take care!



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