One evening, while Seth was patrolling, I got an invitation from Peter to come to his cabin to visit him and his fiancee, Charlotte. Considering that Seth and Leah are patrolling, the house is empty and I have nothing else to do, I accepted Peter's invitation. Besides, I haven't seen Peter and Charly for a long time.

So I took a shower and a few minutes before I went to Peter and Charly, I texted Peter that I'm coming. Well... that's pretty much how the funny evening has started.

I was running and I finally came to their cabin. Peter was waiting for me and as he opened the front door, I jumped in and we started to talk. Charlotte meanwhile was upstairs on their bathroom, having a shower.

Then, as surprise number one, Peter took me to their kitchen telling me he has prepared snacks for me. I was shocked, but hey, I wanted to see that! He offered me a juice that he made by himself! Man, I was totally surprised, BUT, deep inside of me, I was very proud of him because he doesn't drink anything nor eat human food. I took a juice and started to drink it... THAT WAS THE SWEATEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!! By accident, I spitted everything out of my mouth... on Peter. WHOOPS! It was probably gross for him, but hey, at least I taught him how to make a juice after that!

Surprise number two, he offered me a bread. At the beginning, he only gave me bread and I asked for Peanut Butter or Jam... I thought he won't have anything of that so I felt kind of embarassed. But then, he told me to to look at the pantry where I definetly found a lot of human food. Which was so great!

After I ate some food, we went to play a game on xbox. That was awsome!!!!! We played GT! It's a racing game! He gave me my controller and he had his in his hands... and, baby, we started!!! We both were sure that we will definitely win over the other! He chose his yellow Lamborghini Diablo, and I chose Porsche.

First game was on... The race started... He passed next to me like that I was standing on one place!!!!!! He, of course, crossed the finish line first! I couldn't believe! He stood up and started to celebrate! And I started to yell: "REMATCH! REMATCH! REMATCH! REMATCH! REMATCH!" So I got my rematch...

He chose his Lambo again, but this time, I chose a Ferrari... Oooh that was great! As soon as the race has started I passed next to him like vamp next to human and this time, I crossed finish line first! I was soooo proud!!!! I jumped up dancing my winning dance and yelling: "I WON! I WON! I WON!" But of course, this time Peter asked for rematch.

But then... Charlotte came into the living room and we knew that we were a bit too loud... so we apologized and promised that we will be more quiet. And we started the third round. Peter chose his Lamb, and I chose Ferrari again.

3, 2, 1, GO!!!!! The race started! And this time, I gotta admit, he passed next to me like nothing I have to compare with. And he crossed the finish line... first. But, hey, I had to let him do that, hell, that was my engagement present to him!!!!!

So we were laughing about that and talking about that last reace and had an awesome time! He asked me to play maybe some other game, but, it was time for me to come back to La Push.

So we agreed... Tomorrow I'll come again and we will play some other game so, finally, I don't need to let him win! -laughs-

We shook each others hand and I jumped through the window running to La Push. I had a great time!!!! I just looveeee xbox!!!!!!

And, next time, I will definitely win!

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Comment by Nahuel on January 7, 2010 at 11:39am
-laughs hard- oooh man... or should I say, "ooh woman"?? You would beat us??? Only if we would let you -laughs harder- but, considering that we are gentlemen, we would definetly let you win (one round only!) but you can definetly come!
Comment by Nahuel on January 6, 2010 at 7:24am
-rolls over the floor laughing- well, Peter, OF COURSE WE'LL HAVE REMATCH! Hell Ele, it was great! You really should come next time... I'm inviting you at Peter and Charly -dies!-

Ooh Charly, thanks... I'll bring you flowers next time so that you can do something else while we are screaming like teenagers -winks and laughs-


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