Nahuel's diary #5: Swimming, visiting the animals and shopping with my aunt Huilen

Since auntie Huilen got back home, my life has completely changed. None of the days are spent useless. Every day we do something new and special... something funny and awesome.

For the last three days we did so many incredible things that I even can't grasp how have they passed so quickly!

After a few days that she was here, we decided to spend the day swimming in the beautiful river a few miles away from our house. I got up in the morning, auntie made a breakfast for me and soon we made a deal about going for a swim.

It was just... awesome!

Vampires are great swimmers. So is my auntie.

Hybrids... not far behind vampires. I could be a decent opponent. But swimming for me includes... SPLASHING! But my auntie sometimes doesn't like that... but I don't leave her much choice!

So we spent a wonderful day on the river swimming, splashing and having fun! On the way there and home we raced each other and... I don't wanna brag myself, but hey... I beat her both times! –laughs-

The next day I decided to show to my auntie some of the animals that I took care of while she was away. Lucky for us, we found a group of elephants. Somewhere in that group was a big, grey one with black spots. A female elephant who was my favourite big friend. Auntie gave her a name – Mika. I loved it! We cuddled and rode her! It was awesome! I didn't know that my auntie loves animals so much... especially the elephants who are big and strong animals. But, when you get a chance to know them better, you can see that they are very noble, intelligent and good animals who just want their peace in their life. I think that Mika loves us too.

The day after we saw the animals auntie decided to take me shopping. Oh my! That was... wow!

All I can say is that my hands we full of bags in a moment! I didn't have a chance to roll over and suddenly she bought a few dresses.

But that's okay... I love shopping with her. Cause, she always buys something for me too. Like this time, She bought me new Nike sneakers, a lot of shirts and some new pants. I liked my presents a lot! She brought dresses, shirts, Converse and Nike sneakers for herself. She is usually very modest and she only buys from time to time... every few years or so.

He biggest issue connected with shopping is that she loves shoes... Converse and Nike shoes!

All in all, we liked every day to the fullest! And I'm totally happy about it! I just love my auntie!

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