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My new beginning

My life has drastically changed but for the best of course, Demetri has become my entire life I cannot imagine a day without him, never in my life had I imagine love to come to me but now that it has it’s the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced, sensing it around me it was not even close to what the real feeling is like it takes everything up by storm inside me and feel complete since the day he said he loved me. He completes me in a way that at first it was a bit scary because I…


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For years I had been wondering how it would feel to be in love, to care for someone else in a different way than the feelings you have towards your family, but I could have not find out in the worse possible moment, when I saw Heidi and Demetri that way, my un beating heart felt as if someone was crushing it with their bare hands and not just someone but them, in that moment so many things crossed my mind, like when they both had told me nothing had ever happen, how Demetri had told me he…


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Another year

When you are over a thousand years old, you definitely see life in different way, even if I am a vampire and I will never get sick, I will never get old, maybe in age but not in appearance nor will I ever die so how do I know the value of waking up every day, the value of having another birthday, if I am positive it’s not going to be the last, well that might be true but I do value every single new day, why would I not, you would be a fool not to appreciate your life even if you have an…


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The world through a window

I have lived for quite some time now you might think I have seen the world, but in my case that has only happened while reading or watching movies, you might ask why?... Well my father was a very protective man and barely let me out of the house, everything I knew in life I had learned from my father himself or  the old women in town that always treated me like if I was family to her, my father did travel with the king but obviously I was not allowed to go, first because I was a girl and…


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Unwelcomed guest

It started to be as a perfect day, having a family feeding enlightens all our days and this time was no exception, and of course we enjoyed it, but just as we finished Lucas came in and approached the masters informing them someone had requested to see them, at the moment the name was not familiar and we all got a bit curious and glanced one another, I stayed in the throne room, because Lady Sulpicia was still there as well, therefore I remained by her side.

When the stranger…


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I still remember the day Mina arrived , the guard found her while they were patrolling the outskirts of Volterra back when the Masters traveled back and forth to America, due to the  Vampire wars in the Southern part of that country. 

She was definitely scared of our family even as she was one of our kind herself, upon her arrival seeing how scared she was, Lady Sulpicia and Lady Athenodora asked me to use my gift on her to make her happy to be among us and that way see if she would…


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My Passion

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fixation with fine art, I used to love to watch the street artists in my home town when I went to the market , sometimes I even found myself drawing randomly on pieces of paper and even if my father loved me, he said they would not get me anywhere so I suddenly stopped. But it was not until I came to Volterra that I really saw art, the castle is filled with the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen and it’s also a very inspiring place to create such…


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Master Marcus

When I first arrived in Volterra and started to get to know everyone, I noticed everyone was very cheerful in their own way, everyone had a personality that would stand out, everyone except Master Marcus, that despite of being one of the Masters he was not as cheerful and not noticeable as everyone else, I noticed that every moment he was not in the throne room with Master Aro and Master Caius attending meetings with them he was mostly alone in his chambers hiding from all and everyone at…


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My arrival

The same night Master Aro rescued me from my creator  we left for Volterra, to be honest I was scared because I did not know what to expect, even if during the whole trip down to Italy I was explained what I was going to do, what my role in the guard would be, I was still worried because I knew my life was spared because of my gift ,one I did not know how to control or use properly.

When we arrived, I immediately fell in love with my new home , it was gorgeous under the moonlight and…


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Visiting my Past

During the past few months, I have been wondering a little more about my past and what had happen to my father after my change, so I decided to talk to Master Aro and ask his permition, the first one after all this centuries, to go back to Reims, and to be honest I was surprised when he said yes under the condition to come back as soon as possible or if needed, and of course I agreed.

After a few days of planning and thinking of what I really wanted to find, I left Volterra in the…


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