When you are over a thousand years old, you definitely see life in different way, even if I am a vampire and I will never get sick, I will never get old, maybe in age but not in appearance nor will I ever die so how do I know the value of waking up every day, the value of having another birthday, if I am positive it’s not going to be the last, well that might be true but I do value every single new day, why would I not, you would be a fool not to appreciate your life even if you have an eternity.

So how is it different you might ask?

Well the world, it’s people a lot has change throughout the years, culture itself has changed, one thing that I have witness is how society destroys one another without any provocation what so ever, and to this you might say what do I know about that I am a Volturi guard, yes I am and my masters rule our world, but we do not kill our own without provocation, if they break the rules then they get what they deserve, and yes we do kill humans but only if we are thirsty, but then again there not our kind there our well our sustenance so they don’t count, it’s just the same if we were humans  and we ate meat, you have to kill the cow to eat it right?

And like I was saying before, yes it’s true I might not age and will always be young and beautiful but well we do feel the time pass by, like for instance the technology era which I really am a fan of, I love all this new communication gadgets. But my personal favorite of course has been how art has evolved, how it went from renaissance to romanticism , from impressionism to expressionism , from abstract to modernism just to mention a few, but what I have loved is the world an artist can express on a canvas.

I am quite sure that all of us have different ways of seeing the changes in our immortal lives, see how time has changed but we remain the same, only adapting to the new changes, to the evolution, to things that in the 1200’s didn’t even imagine would exist.

That is how I count my years, those things are what make this world different from the one I was born in, those things are what make every year count and different from the last.

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