I have lived for quite some time now you might think I have seen the world, but in my case that has only happened while reading or watching movies, you might ask why?... Well my father was a very protective man and barely let me out of the house, everything I knew in life I had learned from my father himself or  the old women in town that always treated me like if I was family to her, my father did travel with the king but obviously I was not allowed to go, first because I was a girl and second my father would not allow it, so I stayed with the old women hearing stories from her young years as she called them and only taking brief walks around town.

After I left my father it was my goal to earn some money and travel the world, of course that was never possible because only a few days after leaving my home I was changed into what I am now and was held captive for what seemed like a very long time and to be honest I don’t know how long it was until Master Aro found me and brought me to Volterra and since then I rarely leave the castle, my job as a Volturi guard is to keep Lady Sulpicia and Lady Athenodora company and use my gift to keep them happy with their lives inside the castle walls, and well not just them, my fellow siblings as well. So that rarely gives the opportunity to step outside the castle walls myself since neither of the master’s wives are allowed out of the castle unless they go with them.

I am not saying I don’t enjoy life in the castle, I do but there have only been two places in the world I have visited and those places are France since I was born there and I have gone back in search of answers about my past, that is the only place that Master Aro has ever allowed me to go, I think he feels that if we know how miserable our lives were before we came here we’ll appreciate this life even more and in a way I think he is right we do appreciate it. Also another place I have visited is Forks, WA the time we all went to fight the Cullens after one of their own betrayed them, too bad we didn’t have the chance but well we still have all eternity for that.

Therefore being only France and Forks WA the only places I have visited in the world and well of course Italy the rest of the world I have only seen it through books, it’s the magic that has been printed in them that takes me to the most secluded places in the planet ,either real or out of the authors imagination, just reading how the writer describes this places makes me travel there and see them for myself, or in a more accurate way of course in movies ,again some just made up places but others very real ones, like the sands in Egypt or the streets in New York, all places I have seen through a very small window in our theater room in the castle.

I do wish sometimes I could see it all by myself and not through the window that is my imagination  or movies, but I know that is impossible.

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Comment by Renesmee Black-Cullen on April 29, 2013 at 12:31am

Dear Corin,

I do feel sorry for you that you have not been able to experience the rich wonders our amazing world has. I hope that your Masters will allow you a time to explore the cities you have only read about by now


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