It started to be as a perfect day, having a family feeding enlightens all our days and this time was no exception, and of course we enjoyed it, but just as we finished Lucas came in and approached the masters informing them someone had requested to see them, at the moment the name was not familiar and we all got a bit curious and glanced one another, I stayed in the throne room, because Lady Sulpicia was still there as well, therefore I remained by her side.

When the stranger came in we all noticed him, I must admit he was not bad looking but you could see how arrogant he was by the he walked and how he looked at others, he approached the masters not before looking over at me, but way he stared at me made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, when he turned his attention back to the masters it was just as what I had suspected, he was an arrogant man and I disliked that about him, after he talked to the masters and introduced himself as Joseph, he talked about his gift since master Aro did not allowed him to demonstrate it  and I am glad he hadn’t as the strangers eyes were on me once more, after Master Aro saw his gift with a touch, the masters granted him the opportunity to remain in the castle while they had a council meeting , Mother and I left the throne room in deep conversation about the stranger.

That same day after leaving Lady Sulpicia in her chambers I found myself walking down the corridors when I suddenly sensed someone watching me and out of the corner of my eyes I saw Joseph, I simply ignored him and retired to my chambers, the following day when I left my chambers it was the same I felt him watching me and then I disliked his intrusion when I talked to Master Aro about him and something that was troubling mother, later that same day things changed, I was in the library when he approached me, yes his words where flattering but not his attitude and that was something I disliked since the moment I heard him and hated even more his intrusion on my privacy and then the bomb went off when I rejected him, his temper got in the way and talked to me in a way no one had ever done so, I tried to remain calm not really wanting to accept he had frighten me with his rash behavior when he finally gave up and left me alone,  the following day as much as I tried to push it to the back of my mind I simply couldn’t  hide it from mother , I didn’t want her to worry over me, I am supposed to make her happy and I was doing the exact opposite so I briefly discussed with her how I felt with Josephs presence and his constant stalking, but calmed her telling her that I had talked to master Aro and that he had assured me he would take care of it.

The next morning I just wanted to have a fresh mind and forget about what had happen before meeting Lady Sulpicia that afternoon therefore I decided to take Sunset out for a stroll around the castle grounds, I had always felt calm when I was with my horse so as they say she was my best medicine, upon my return I felt better and decided to simply ignore Joseph as his presence in the castle was just about to be resolved since I knew the Masters where in council and for what Master Aro had implied he would not stay within us which was the best decision since Joseph’s arrogance made him think he was better than us and would not be a good fit among my siblings, when he suddenly appeared making another attempt and trying to be a gentleman , of course I turned him down once more but things quickly got out of control as he grabbed me and pinned me to a wall his hands tight around my arms and  I could feel his whole weight on me and as much as I tried to push him away I couldn’t , then I heard Lady Sulpicia’s voice coming from behind him and in a flash she was standing next to me, I was frighten not for my life but for mother’s I could not bare the thought of  him hurting her, I tried to calm her down but did not notice at first that Joseph was absorbing my gift and making me weak, probably it was his anger that put strength in his gift but I did not feel it at all, he started insulting her and Master Aro and mother got really upset, even pushing me out of the way when Joseph finally released his grasp on me, thankfully the Masters arrived in that moment with Jane who had him on the ground with her gift in a matter of a second, it all happened so fast and when I least expected something I would have never thought happen, since Joseph had been sentenced to death it was mother that wanted to end him herself but I was even more in shock as Master Aro granted her the pleasure of ending his life and as Jane and I held him, Mother ripped his head off, I had never seen her this way before and I felt guilty about it and knew that Master Aro was not happy about what just happened.

As the day went by I felt my gift getting stronger and wanted to go see Mother but she wouldn’t open her door which was a first, I felt extremely awful for having caused this discomfort between her and Master Aro, and wanted to fix it as soon as possible, I talked to Master Aro and finally a few hours later mother opened her door and all was well again , the peace was restored within the castle walls, although the lower guards are a little more careful around mother this days something that honestly pleases me, they have always respected her but a little fear as well does not hurt.

On another note, I must say the experience did leave it’s mark yes I am a Vampire and a Volturi guard but I am also a woman, the following days I still felt uneasy and looked around every corner thinking I was still being watched, of course I knew it was all in my head and the only way I knew how to remove it from my mind was to paint again so I did, I started several times on a painting until I found the perfect inspiration.

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