I still remember the day Mina arrived , the guard found her while they were patrolling the outskirts of Volterra back when the Masters traveled back and forth to America, due to the  Vampire wars in the Southern part of that country. 

She was definitely scared of our family even as she was one of our kind herself, upon her arrival seeing how scared she was, Lady Sulpicia and Lady Athenodora asked me to use my gift on her to make her happy to be among us and that way see if she would tell us more about herself and who she was, so I did but even as she was more calm she did not say much as she did not remember but begged them not to kill her, they took mercy of her pleads  so they decided to talk to Master Marcus about this girl the guard had found and he agreed to let the girl live until Master Aro and Master Cauis arrived and decide together what to do with her.

Lady Sulpicia asked me and Heidi to keep her company and we discovered she was a very clumsy vampire, something neither of us had ever seen before, we did of course see it often in humans that were trying to get away from us but never in a vampire and we assumed it had been because she was never thought how to be a vampire not that you need to it just comes natural .Heidi and I decided to put her to the test, several times , I must admit we night have been a bit cruel, since we threw her in the pool, launched her from the balcony, but well the only thing she did right was feed, we just got bored and decided to drop the subject and only did as Ladies Sulpicia and Athenodora had asked us to do.

The day after Master Aro and Caius arrived Lady Sulpicia asked us to take her to meet them she was completely terrified that we nearly had to drag her into the throne room, of course the Masters where not amused by this behavior , and the most displeased was Master Caius, so when Master Aro saw she had no gift what so ever and how clumsy she was, he was about to order the guards to dispose of her, when Ladies Sulpicia and Athenodora asked to have a word with them, while we waited she didn’t stop shaking as she was standing in the middle of the throne. When the Masters arrived they had agreed to let her stay with us if she would serve our family, since this meant staying alive she quickly nodded and bowed to them whispering a thank you.

Even after all this years Mina is still as clumsy as day one and to be quite honest it’s very exasperating to expect something from her and know, she will most likely not get what you’re asking her right,  I must say I am a quite fond of her and things in the castle would be a little dull if it were not for her, she is how can I say this ,entertaining to watch.

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Comment by Corin Volturi on October 6, 2012 at 2:55pm

Indeed sister we were, but it was for hmm well for a good cause if I might say *smirks*


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