Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fixation with fine art, I used to love to watch the street artists in my home town when I went to the market , sometimes I even found myself drawing randomly on pieces of paper and even if my father loved me, he said they would not get me anywhere so I suddenly stopped. But it was not until I came to Volterra that I really saw art, the castle is filled with the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen and it’s also a very inspiring place to create such beautiful pieces of art.

After my arrival I had very little time for me since I was always with Lady Sulpicia and  Lady Athenodora as Master Aro and Caius had instructed I would to become their shadows until there was no doubt in their minds that this life is what they wanted , this life full of luxury and beautiful things as well as imprisonment, and it was not long since my gift got stronger on them when I learned to use and control right  and only a few months later I had more time for me. I remember very well going to the gardens to sketch but what caught my eye the most was the beautiful sunset’s, but for that I did not like sketches, I pictured it in my head in an oleo painting so I could bring all the beautiful colors into the mix.

One morning when I arrived in the presence of Lady Sulpicia and Lady Athenodora , we started chatting about our passions and that’s when I mentioned that I loved to sketch and that my dream was that one day I could paint a beautiful sunset, and I just got lost in the moment telling them all the other things I would love to add color and not just sketch, when I realize that I was the only one talking, I closed my mouth and  in that moment I noticed how they were both looking at me, it was not a face I had ever seen before, since I did not have a maternal figure in my life only of that old women who loved me and went to live with, they both asked me to show them my sketches, when I did, they were both smiling wide telling me how beautiful they were and encouraged me to follow my dream and order everything I needed to do my sunset painting and what I wanted, and so I did, that afternoon the castle servants arrived with that I needed and the three of us headed up to the highest tower of the castle to watch the sunset so I could paint it. At first I was scared I would not be able to do it and that I would disappoint them but I just let my eyes follow the colors and my hand glide on the canvas and that’s how I painted my very first sunset, many more came after that as well as garden paintings and many more, but that sunset will always be my favorite of all.

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