The same night Master Aro rescued me from my creator  we left for Volterra, to be honest I was scared because I did not know what to expect, even if during the whole trip down to Italy I was explained what I was going to do, what my role in the guard would be, I was still worried because I knew my life was spared because of my gift ,one I did not know how to control or use properly.

When we arrived, I immediately fell in love with my new home , it was gorgeous under the moonlight and it still is of course,when we entered I was taken to a huge room where Masters Caius and Marcus awaited for us, I was asked to stand in the middle of the room while Master Aro explained to them what he had seen in me when he touched me, I saw Master Cauis smirk, saying how interesting gift , while Master Marcus remained indifferent to what he was saying about me.

I knew what my gift was as he had already told me about it and I then understood so many things about my past, but still I did not know how to use it like Master Aro wanted me too, so as I was standing in the middle of the throne room I heard them send someone to get their wives, I suddenly caught Master Aro's  gaze as he walked towards me telling me that he would put my skills to the test, in that precise moment I became very scared and nervous and as I was trying not to show it that without notice I had released a wave of my gift towards him, he yelled at me to stop and it was then that I  started to process in my head what I had done and how to use it, so when the wives came in I was enveloped in a wave of my gift, as I turned around at the sound of footsteps I was mesmerized as soon as they came into view, I had never seen such beautiful women in my life before, as they approached me I vowed my head lightly in respect and I could feel their sorrow and even if I felt their love towards their husbands I felt a void missing in them, so I used my gift on them as I was instructed to do. As Master Aro explained to both Lady Sulpicia and Lady Athenodora that I would be their personal guard companion I could feel how their moods started changing and I was pleased with myself for achieving my purpose.

As I stood there my though were that they would not accept a complete stranger to stand by them at all times, but I was mistaken they were both very welcoming, their voices  and eyes soft and motherly despite the crimson in them, one thing I had yet to get use to but as  as they turned to look at me I could not help but smile, Lady Sulpicia asked for my name I thought for a moment before answering her in a soft low voice Corinne Aneta, and then I hesitated, and asked them if it would be so much trouble if I could just be named Corin, I smile as they said it would be no problem and Master Aro said that it was fine.

The next few days that followed they both kept very close to me specially Lady Sulpicia, she had people measuring me so they could make me dresses, she asked what my favorite color was , about my education, where I was from and was surprised when she saw I knew Italian very well, she was just amazing with me and still is, she is just the perfect mother as well as Lady Athenodora.

I was so happy with my new life that I soon started to forget my past, all about my change and the weeks that followed where my creator had held me captive for weeks , nothing else mattered now, except my future, and more precisely my future with the Volturi as the personal guard to Lady Sulpicia and Lady Athenodora

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