When I first arrived in Volterra and started to get to know everyone, I noticed everyone was very cheerful in their own way, everyone had a personality that would stand out, everyone except Master Marcus, that despite of being one of the Masters he was not as cheerful and not noticeable as everyone else, I noticed that every moment he was not in the throne room with Master Aro and Master Caius attending meetings with them he was mostly alone in his chambers hiding from all and everyone at the same time. I obviously did not know why this was and I did not dare ask, I had my guesses and one of them was that unlike Masters Aro and Cauis he did not have a mate, but of course I did not investigate, he was one of the masters and I should not be so curious.

One day while I was with Lady Sulpicia and Athenodora they were talking about someone I had never seen in the castle nor heard her name before Lady Didyme, since I felt comfortable with them I asked them who she was, they explained that she was Master Aro's sister and Master Marcus mate but that she had been killed a long time ago and it was then that I understood him better, now that I knew the reason of his behavior, I knew I could help him offering him my help to alleviate his pain. So one day after a family feeding when I saw him leaving, I followed him out into the hall and asked if I could have a word with him, he seemed surprised by my request but agreed nodding and signaled me to follow him so I did, when we arrived to his chambers he pointed to a chair and moved to take a seat, as he moved to take a seat I did the same after he was settled in his chair right across from me, as I turned to see him, I could see the pain his eyes could not turn off even after all this years, he looked back at me asking me what it was that  I needed to talk to him about, I hesitated for a moment, then went straight to the point telling him that I knew why he was feeling such pain , as it was the same I saw reflected in my fathers eyes all my human life, I explained how I could help him deal better with hi loss, how I could make everything better for him, but as I continued to talk he raised his hand to silence me and so I did, he stood up from his chair and moved to the window, he remained silent for what seemed a long time I kept quiet as well looking down to my hands not daring to say another word thinking I had crossed  a line and that I would be punished, but suddenly he broke the silence, telling me a straight NO, that he would not allow me to make him forget about her, I tried to explain my gift and how I would not make him forget her he raised his hand one more time to silence me telling me it was enough and that he would never allow me to ever use my gift on him not now or ever, I nodded and offered and apology, after this he dismissed me and I walked back to my chambers  and never discussed the issue again.

Of course the subject was never brought up again, even if I still wanted to help him, it was not pleasant seeing someone suffer like he was when you knew you could help him, still I did not mentioned it again, one for respect and the other for the fear of being punished ,even if Master Marcus is a patient man and I knew that he would have had me punished if he wanted to that day, but he didn't and I preferred not to push my luck.

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